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We are women who refusing to listen to society's judgment of our jiggles. We are celebrating our curves and learning to love the skin that we are in. We are about improving our health in a loving accepting way. We gather together to move our bodies and to learn more about ourselves. We use movement and art and connection to acheive this. We are on a path of curiosity about how we can change society and support women in a loving way. Our group is about Playful Adventures, Authentic Connection, Creativity, and Personal development.

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Click Happy

Newtown Community & Cultural Centre

Who is it for? - Parents, Aunties, Grands -Teachers - Youth Workers -Artists / Creatives -Community workers Do you like photography? Do you like kids? Would you like to take a workshop that will help you to help the next generation (and yourself) to be more self-compassionate and creative? Want to make the world better for youth and learn new photographic skills? The culture we are leaving kids results in the following: -80% of women aren't happy in their own body -children as young as 3 show evidence of indoctrination into a fat-shaming culture -We have the highest youth suicide rate in the world. What if we could flip that? What if we could together figure out how to create communities that lead to self-compassionate people looking out for each other where we have the lowest self-harm rates in the world. One method that is showing up in the research that impacts all of the above is teaching self-compassion. Self-compassion is the art of dialling down the critical voice in our head and treating ourselves as a cherished loved one. It's not taught in schools and if 80% of our mothers struggle with it so where are our kids supposed to learn it? Dad? In some families yes, in some...nope. But it works better when we are all rowing in the same direction. Click Happy is a program that works with parents and children to develop self-compassion using photography as the tool to introduce it. Developed and taught by Mandi Lynn, master photographer, visual activist, and founder and director of Every Body is a Treasure Trust. Come to the info night on the 20th of November and see if this is something that will benefit your family, or the kids you work with. Open to school leavers and above. Find out more here: http://clickhappy.org/

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