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This is a group for anyone interested in gaining some language skills and cultural understanding of Chinese business world. A business scenario will be chosen for each session. For example, this may be a first meet-up with your Chinese partner, discussion about an upcoming business trip or conversation in social abd business situation. We will introduce some useful expressions and phrases for this scenario and explore the culture and business relationships in China.

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Body Language Does Matter!
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Handshaking, kiss, hug, smiling, eye contact, silence... all these details are the important part of communication and connected with culture. Language learners tend to put a lot of time (and money) working on the vocabulary and structure of a foreign language. But how to read body language, gestures and signs in different cultural context is often ignored. In this session, let’s explore the difference of the body language between the Chinese and Kiwi.

Why Is Wechat Taking Over China?
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If you meet with a new Chinese friend, very possibly the first thing he or she will do is to ask whether you are using Wechat and what’s your account. Yes, Wechat is the dominant social media platform in China. It’s not a China version of Twitter or Facebook. It’s an “app for all trades”, providing everything from messaging, to twitter-like social media posts, to electronic payment... With almost 700 millions active users, it is literally taking over the whole country.
In this session, let’s have a closer look at this app. Why does it suit to Chinese people so well? What is the Chinese people doing with it? What is it teaching us about Chinese culture?

Is Chinese language as hard as you think? - Cracking Chinese Characters

How old is the Chinese written form? Do people who are speaking different dialects also write differently? Can’t I just learn Pinyin (Chinese pronunciation system) ? Or can I start with Pinyin and leave character for later on? How many characters are there for daily use? How many do I need to learn to become literate in Chinese? Why are Chinese characters so complicated? How to crack them? What is the better way to learn it? Is there any good apps for it? ...

In session two, let’s talk about the most daunting but also could be most interesting part of Chinese learning- the characters! There is not a quick fix for it. But it definitely can be less painstaking and more fun!

Looking forward to seeing you.

Coreena Xia

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