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Are you disappointed about the quality and affordability of housing in Wellington? Do you want to have a say in designing your own home – a home that fits your lifestyle and values? Would you like to be part of a strong and vibrant community?

Then this Meet Up is for you.

We started this group because we’ve been looking at how building cooperatives – groups of people who design and build their own homes – have been taking off in Europe. Because building cooperatives give people more say about the design of their homes, people are able to choose features they would like, such as a community garden. Building groups also allow for a greater community vibe to develop in the neighbourhood because they put like minded people together. Finally, they help save money because they allow people to choose to give up features that they might not need, like parking.

This group is for everyone who is interested in building cooperatively. We are particularly keen on meeting people who want to get involved in a building cooperative in Wellington. We are planning to cover a range of different topics in these events and get people from different backgrounds to contribute to our meetings. If you do have any experiences or specialist knowledge that you want to share with us – please get in touch!

The meet ups will be kicked off late February and we will confirm the time and place once we get an idea of how many people are interested – so please join this group if you are.

In the meantime, we would be happy to hear from you if you have any feedback – please get in touch on the meet up forum or flick us an email (lucas.kengmana@kaenga.com)!

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CoHo Hui 2

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Sharing experiences and defining our vision

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