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The Wellington Drupal Meetup, taking place on the first Tuesday of the month, is emergent Wellington heavy-weight community of forwards thinking web developers.

Catalyst hosts the meet-ups at Level 3, 150 Willis St, Sparks Interactive graciously sponsor beer & pizza, and Xequals covers the meetup.com fees and otherwise provides organisation of these events. Alex Matthews currently fulfils the role as host.

We are a fun, diverse group of people, who all appreciate learning, discovering new web trends, and of course sharing a good conversation over a drink. Every one is welcome to our group. We are well-networked with other Drupal communities around Wellington, NZ, and the world - meaning we always have lots of relevant, awesome content to share.

Come on over and meet the crew!

Upcoming events (4)

Case Studies of Drupal in Government

Catalyst IT

Using Drupal for Powering Government Services. This meetup is still being planned however in broad terms it will involve people presenting on the MANY examples of Drupal being used by the New Zealand Government. If you build or manage a gov site and would like to present, don't hesitate to reach out and let us know!

Drupal Professional Development - Learn Stuff!

The content for this meetup is still in the planning phase however this will be a fun and intense meetup packed with content for people who want to sharpen their Drupal skills. In broad strokes it will include presentations, demos and training on: - Site Building - Dev Environments - Layout Builder - JSON API - Gatsby - Headless Drupal - Module highlight - App development Don't miss this one! RSVP now.

Best Tools for the Job - Open Source Insights for Government

While the content for this meetup is still formative, we plan to address the strengths and weaknesses of open source technology in Government and look at ways to mitigate them. We'll be covering primarily Drupal content but also be touching on other open source communities with a view to talk candidly about what the 'best tools for job X' in the interests of giving sincere and good advice to Government and other stakeholders of Drupal in NZ. This meetup will also attempt to bring in content from other open source communities in the wider eco-system as part of an active reach-out to Wellington's large and active open source environment. We are not interested in this meetup with evangelizing any one solution - including Drupal - but rather discussing and sharing as communities what the strengths of various solutions and platforms are.

Wellington Drupal Community Xmas Party!

Needs a location

Oh hells yeah! We are doing another one of our Xmas parties. There will probably be lots of food, beer, and cake, though these and other shenanigans are still being planned. We'll be reaching out to the Drupal companies in NZ and beyond to help sponsor us for this party. If that sounds like something you can help out with, please let us know!

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