What we're about

Welcome to Flash Mob 4 Good!
The mission of this group is to 'Bring joy to the world, while having fun doing it'.

The goal is simple, get hundreds of people together to do something high impact. This means only a little bit of effort is required from each person to make a big difference rather than a few people putting a lot of effort in.

The intention is not just to bring joy to others, but joy to the participants. As they say "there is more joy in giving than receiving".

It's also a way to bring people together in a grass roots, community sort of way, to prove that there is more that holds us together than what keeps us apart with the barrage of bad news we seem to wake up to each day.

So what are we talking about here? Here's just a few examples.

300 people turn up to a needy family's home with one non-perishable food item each. As simple as a $1 can of baked beans or a $4 box of weetbix.

50 people turn up on a train service and hand out 300 chocolate bars to light up people's day between two stations (sponsorship from Whittakers hopefully)

500 people donate $1 each and turn up to the airport to send someone who has given out so much to the community on a surprise trip away (sponsorship from AirNZ hopefully)

100 people turn up to someone's house and mow the lawns with 4 lawnmowers, and weed the garden in 15mins!!!

Putting aside your health convictions for a minute, we turn up to a soup kitchen and hand out 200 pieces of KFC

100 people turn up to a struggling business (private bookstore or otherwise) and buy one item each in 10mins. Or perhaps a dairy that has been affected by crime!

900 trees need to be planted out at Baring Head (this is for real and happens on the 11th of June!). Currently, it takes around 1 - 2 hours with around 50 people (I've done this twice before). If we get 300 people turn up we should nail it in 20 - 30mins.

100 people turn up at the bottom of a building and create a human message or smilee face for someone above who has gone above and beyond for the community! The ideas are only limited by your imagination.

Get a friend to bring along a friend who's been going through a hard time and take a short walk, and unexpectedly 200 other people join them!

There are opportunities in the CBD over your lunch time to head out and do some good!

And that's just the start, some of these ideas have more merit than others. But I am inspired by Theodore Roosevelt (a time when the US had intelligent presidents) who said: In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.

I want to get a sub-committee of members together to come up with outlandish big impact ideas to make a difference. I also need to hear from people about needs in the community.

So... the only question is, would you love to be part of something this amazing! This seems like a good idea at 11:37pm on the 1st of June 2017. Let's try and make it a reality and make the world a slightly better and less lonely place!

Past events (1)

Plant trees and shrubs at Baring Head

Carpark, main entrance to Baring Head/Ōrua-pouanui