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What we're about

WWAM! aims to bring together product owners, developers, users, and anyone else who is passionate about providing equal access to the web.

Events could include some or all of the following. Suggestions are welcome!

Workshops and Demonstrations

• common challenges

• best practice solutions, e.g. HTML5, WAI-ARIA

• retrofitting existing sites for accessibility

• accessibility and complex applications

• adding support 'under the radar' vs making it an integral part of the design/plan/scope

• using cutting edge techniques without creating barriers to users of legacy products

• demos of new and existing assistive technologies

• accessible content authoring tools

• mobile devices and accessibility

• factoring accessibility into Agile development cycles

• automating accessibility testing

• emulating the experiences of people with disabilities

• group testing, reviews and feedback

• validating best practices against real users

• what do disabled users really want?

• user experience - the importance of testing with real users

• visits from, or to, disabled users

• talks from inspirational leaders in the field, here and abroad

• relevant technical specifications and roadmaps

• influencing new feature development in popular AT products


• informal get togethers to ‘talk shop’ and plan future events

• knowing who to ask for help

• communities and resources on the web

• connect developers with the disabled community

• meet supportive employers

Spreading the word

• challenging the belief that accessibility compliance is just an optional checkbox

• advocating for accessibility

• increasing the profile of Accessibility in Wellington

• increasing Government funding to provide technology upgrades to users

• celebrating and promoting good work

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