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Kotlin Coroutines
Since the release of Kotlin 1.1 there is now the new language feature of Kotlin Coroutines available for use in Java and Android projects. Coroutines are a new way to write asynchronous and non-blocking code. They can be thought of as light-weight threads without having to deal with all the problems that threads bring to the table. A lot of developers think that Kotlin Coroutines are mainly or only useful for Kotlin on the JVM, but that’s not true. There are a variety of use cases in which the application of Coroutines can make a lot of sense on Android. This talk is introducing the ideas behind Kotlin Coroutines, showing how to use them in Kotlin code for both the JVM and Android via the kotlinx-coroutines APIs and then exploring specific applications in Android. Part of this is a deeper look into the use of Coroutines in higher-level frameworks such as AsyncAwait and Anko.

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    This is a meetup for anyone interested in Kotlin, an upcoming JVM language. Kotlin has been developed by Jetbrains, the people behind IDEs such as IntelliJ, WebStorm or PyCharm.

    Kotlin is versatile and can be used as a general purpose programming language aiming to be a better Java. Kotlin is popular among Android developers and is currently also gaining traction as a language with Javascript as an additional compilation target.

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