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The CSS meetup is for anyone who has a love (and sometimes a hate) for CSS.

Meetups are currently on the second Thursday of each month. Each meetup event will have a couple of speakers, some drinks and good company.

Please let me know if there are any specific topics you want to hear about at future meetups. Additionally, if you want to share a talk, or know someone else that could give a great talk - contact me!

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April CSS Meetup - Scaling Front-End at Trade Me

Let's get together & chat about css, the web & everything in between. With big thanks to our sponsors Raygun (https://raygun.com/) & Xequals (http://www.xequals.co.nz/) Doors open from 6pm with drinks & nibbles, we'll get started about 6.15pm once everyone's arrived and settled in. Regular topics • CSS web picks & news - comment with the link if you have any interesting articles to share • Website showcase - sites we love, hate, sites we're building • Job board - who's hiring & who's looking This months talk: Scaling Front End at Trade Me - Craig Spence Our team at Trade Me have spent the last 5 years figuring out how to make *big* JavaScript applications work. We've experiences all the ups and downs that you could imagine over that time - big wins, big losses, huge risky moves that failed, big gambles that paid off, and we're learned a heap along the way. As we shift gears on this project and it becomes "the way we do things" at Trade Me, it seems like a good time to reflect upon what we've done, and share some of the lessons we're learning with the wider community. What went well? What went terribly? What would we definitely change? What would we definitely do again? What do we do next? Let's talk about JavaScript, web technologies and how our choices impact what we build. Let's discuss people, cultural shift, trade-offs and continuous improvement. And let's look to the future. 🌟 Craig is a Tech Lead at Trade Me. He loves building cool things that help teams build cool things! He also loves punk rock, Disney's Frozen, and his cat Cosy.

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