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Welcome to Wellington On Board, the home of all types of gaming events in the capital.

COVID-19 update - as of 21 March 2020 NZ is in Level 2 status for dealing with COVID-19. This means gatherings over 100 are banned, however we advise that, given the face-2-face nature and cross-handling of game pieces that are inherent in board games, it would be a good idea to cancel any sizable gathering in case anyone has been exposed without knowing it. I'm sure you would hate to be the person who introduced it around the community accidentally. However, we would encourage you to get in touch with others in the group and set up remote games via a remote meeting app of your choice (see below), where you play 'together' but in your own space. Board games are a great way to while away the time, and it's important to stay in touch.

If you have any doubt, stay home, follow the Ministry of Health guidelines and if you get together physically wash your hands before and after playing. Wishing you the best during this real life edition of Pandemic we're playing,

Kia Kaha,


WOB Organiser

Skype - https://www.skype.com/en/ Limited numbers on line at once on free version

Vsee - https://vsee.com/ Particuarly good over bad connections, no time restriction

Zoom - https://zoom.us/ Limited to 3ppl & 40 mins then renew connection
GoToMeeting - https://www.gotomeeting.com/en-nz


This is a friendly gaming group with the aim of enjoying meeting people and having fun. Anything to do with gaming - playing, designing, creating, rating, collecting - we're into it. Board games, role playing, table top gaming, war-gaming, whatever your favourite flavour - here you can meet people who are into the same things.

Gaming is one of the growing social activities as people realise the joy of getting to know friends or total strangers a little better over a great board game. Regular game sessions happen alternate Wednesdays which are aimed at introducing people who haven't yet tried the modern games to something new. Each session has a host who will welcome you and introduce you to the people and the games. If you've only played well-known games like Monopoly, Risk and Scrabble, you will find a lot of the games we play at the club unfamiliar, but we are a welcoming bunch and will always be happy to teach games to new players. If you're more familiar with them then feel free to bring your own games along.

If you don't see a suitable session - set one up using 'suggest'! We're always up for a game.

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Pickup Games at Counter Culture

Counter Culture

Pickup Games at Counter Culture: http://counterculture.co.nz/ Come along, join the group, grab a game and play! All the goodness of a board gaming club, with the large selection of Counter Culture's games on hand. As well as their amazing food and drink on site. We have the front section reserved for Wellington On Board - just come up to one of those tables an introduce yourself. And if ordering food and drink with your game pass, they've also given us $2 off group discount (does not apply if you're not ordering any food or drinks). This is the continuation of the Wellington Games Forum, believed to be NZ's oldest games club. Now with the amazingness of Counter Culture and the Wellington On Board meetup group. Rules: * Standard cafe and bar rules apply: Please wear tidy clothes, and shoe; Don't bring your own food or drinks (Apparently people need reminding of this). * Please make sure your games are finished by 10pm. Sorry, no "just one more round". * We have the only front road-side section reserved for this Meetup. Other tables are regularly reserved for other bookings, and may be just empty because the group hasn't arrived yet. If you want another table, please check with the barstaff to see if they have any spare. * Same applies to tables that are just vacated by another group. Please check with the barstaff first, even if it's later in the evening.

Games night @ The Roxy

The Roxy Cinema

https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheMiramarFreebooters/ Games night @ The Roxy on Tuesday nights, we play downstairs in the Coco Restaurant from 6 'til late, some drinks promos available at the bar. We play boardgames, rpg's & tabletop wargames. Free of charge. All ages welcome,

Welcome Wednesday

St Peters Church, Undercroft

A regular get together for casual gaming - there is an extensive range of games brought by attendees each time. We're a friendly bunch and love to see new people! Feel free to bring any of your games you'd like to play. We play a variety of games depending on who is at each session, from quick 15 minute fillers to 2 hour chunky ones for those who want. If you're a newbie please make yourself known to the host and they'll make sure you're welcomed and looked after. There are usually about 20-30 people at a session, but the regulars do not answer 'yes' to every meetup, so you are likely to meet more than just those listed on the right --> Everyone welcome, the more the merrier, feel free to bring a friend. Tea and coffee are provided, you are also welcome to bring anything you'd like to eat or drink. NOTE: - gold coin entry towards hire of the hall, so please remember to bring your $2.

Scrabble Wellington club nights

Vogelmorn Bowling Club

Every Wednesday the club meets to play a few games of Scrabble. It's a friendly environment and all abilities are welcome. All the boards, racks, tiles, etc. are provided as is tea and coffee. We use the official word list. Maybe you play online or at your kitchen table, but if you love the game it's time to take it to the next level. Your first night is free, and thereafter it's $5 to cover costs.

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