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We are really proud to announce that this Wellycon we will be running a purpose designed megagame - AQUILA RIFT.

An enjoyable game of daring space pirates, fat merchants, corrupt governors, and underpaid space patrol captains, for up to 40 players!

Players will take on individual roles as pirate captains, colony governors and space patrol captains in a sector of space recovering from a war. Everyone will also be in a faction, hunting for a lost treasure hoard in one of the star systems. The game will mix movement and combat, with diplomacy and a map that changes during play based on player decisions.

Sign up here to be on the team - adventure calls! Only 40 places, first come first served. There are more details emerging on the Aquila Rift facebook (https://www.facebook.com/events/1674924536143363/) page. The full rules will be published on http://www.housewar.org/ - the site of the creator.

Come adventure through the galaxy in this one-off next-level-board-game experience.


What is a mega game you ask? Here is a great video explaining them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IlqTWTiiN8

If you want to help control the game please contact Dillon Burke ([masked]). If you want to play a specific role (Governor, Pirate, or Space Patrol) or to play with a group of up to four friends, please email Dillon with your details and preferences.

Get your ticket for Wellycon here (https://wellycon2017.lilregie.com/step1).