Lifesize Codenames - Wellycon Tournament

This is a past event

18 people went

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Beware the BLACK SPOT! (yes those words are in codenames). Come be part of the game, pit your wits against your fellow spy-pirates.

The mechanics:

25 players. Each person will 'be' a word - it'll be stuck onto you/on a lanyard. There are 2 spymasters who give the clues - red and blue. It is no longer a team game - everyone is guessing which words belong to which colour.

You will have a sheet on which you write down which words you think belong to Blue/Red/Neutral/Assassin. The clues are read out & written up on a whiteboard and you mingle around looking at what words people have. You have between 30seconds and a minute to write down your thoughts before the next clue is given. Once all clues are read out you will have a final 30-60 seconds then you will swap with someone for scoring.

If you got the assassin in your red/blue/neutral list you're out for that round! Then all correct guesses score 1 point (only reds & blues count). Bonus point if you got the assassin right.

We will have 1 or 2 practice rounds, so that people get the hang of it. We'll start with 60 seconds and see how we go, tightening it up as we progress.

3 rounds:

• Round 1: random words

• Round 2: random words

• Round 3: PIRATE words

The session will run from 3pm and we expect to be done by 4pm, but none of us has done this before, so we'll see!

The winning conditions:

Your total score from all 3 rounds will be added together to find the winner (so remember to hand in your sheet at the end of each round). Ties will be decided by A) anyone who got killed by the assassin loses B) Most guesses of the assassin correct C) least wrong guesses (excluding assassin) D) a dice roll-off.

This event is sponsored by our fabulous new board game café - Counter Culture (coming soon!). They have provided the prize for the winner, and I have consolation prizes for 2nd & 3rd as well.

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