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This group is for those who'd like to meet other runners and enjoy discovering new/rediscovering old routes around the greater Welly. The idea is to meet semi-regularly or whenever someone comes up with an interesting route and RUN!

Road/offroad/rave/rogue runners ALL welcome! :-)

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Get off your bum - beginners'/chill runs

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All less active, inactive, bored, lazy, unfit, fit but couldn't care less etc etc. runners... This is an easy mid-week run that aims to get you off the office chair/couch, and get out there for a 30-40minute flat(ish) run around the bays. We normally go to Balaena Bay (slow is okay), and sometimes head up the hill if the wind is against us - believe me, it's easier than it seems and we've got lots of testimonials of people who feared it, dared it and nailed it! So don't wait, join in for a Wednesday Get Off Your Bum run! Start and finish is outside the Freyberg Pool & Fitness Centre, 139 Oriental Parade, pinpointed here: https://goo.gl/maps/xEHeW7MhyaQ2

Wednesday Speed - CBD edition

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Wednesday evening speed sessions! Note this starts outside Freyberg Pool on Oriental Parade (https://goo.gl/maps/VuyTZ6nGDr92) after the Beginner/Chillout run finishes. There are so many good events coming up in the next few months - Rotorua, Christchurch, Wellington, and Gold Coast marathons and associated distances, plus our own favourite WUU2K (T minus 12 weeks!). If you're doing any of those, or even if you're not, here's a chance to do some midweek speed endurance training as a group. This week, 24 April: 8x4mins with 2 1/2 mins (ie, 150 sec) float. - Training for a marathon or ultra: Do the reps at your Cooper Test pace + 20 sec (ie, slower). - Training for shorter distances: Do the reps at your Cooper Test pace + 15 sec. Next week, 1 May: 5k time trial. "This isn't just for speedy people to do their speedy things, but for everyone that wants to come out for a bit of a blowout - and wouldn't mind just seeing how fast they can go :)" - Dr Matt Nolan

Communal Core

Frank Kitts Park

Bring your A game to this lunch time core session for runners! Guaranteed to never find a boring situp here, my sessions are fun with changing and challenging routines tailored by myself to target the muscles of the core and legs. Im a former Personal Trainer from the UK and I do this session because i enjoy it and it gets me out the office ah! I dont charge as I like to join in and do the workout myself too ;) I try to include a bit of everything... upper body, lower and core in the time we have. You also have to endure whatever music i'm into that week too :D Each exercise has a harder and easier version, please let me know if you are struggling and I can suggest the easier. Those with any lower back pain may struggle with some of the core routines so please let me know before hand! Look forward to seeing you there!

Core Strength and Running Technique Session (Every Thursday)

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1st 45min - running related core exercises 2nd 45min - putting those muscles to use in hill running and technique drills. Including video analysis of your form. Supervised by experienced trainer (13 yrs) and runner (35+ yrs), Mark Anderson. $10 per session, pay as you go

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