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This group is all about hiking and tramping and exploring Wellington Region and further afield. We cover everything from a few hours over day and weekend tramps and welcome experienced trampers to organise and guide. Sometimes we even go for a Sunday afternoon stroll along the coast - but that's the exception.

This platform lets you get together with other keen people and go places together. There'll be a trip organiser that will plan out the logistics and how to get from A to B, but we're all adults responsible for ourselves.

❌❗ Before you sign up for a tramp - read carefully:

🔸 Make sure your fitness level matches the description: https://wellytg.home.blog/trip-grades/

🔸 Do have the appropriate gear? https://wellytg.home.blog/gear/

🔸 Plus follow our etiquette guide: https://wellytg.home.blog/policies-etiquette/

If you are unsure - please get in contact with the organiser of the particular tramp or one of the group organisers. We'd rather you ask lots of questions than something happening!

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Find the crashed Oxford Aircraft at Panatewaewae behind Manakau

Waikawa Campsite

The red line on the map shows the northern route. We will be taking the southern route via the old mill site and Mt Waitewaewae which should be quicker. The latter part is off track through scrub and is for experianced and well equipped trampers only. It is about 17km return and should take between 8 to 10 hrs. The Oxford crashed in 1941 but wasn't found until the 1980s by hunters. There is a cross on site in memory of the pilot. It used to be hard to find but now appears to have white markers leading to it from the top ridge. Bring your GPS. This is not a beginners trip, it involves steep up and downs. For those from Wgtn drive directly to the Waikawa DOC camp, or get the train to Waikanae and I can give some people a lift from there. Ring me if you have queries. [masked]. If you put your name down for this trip please turn up and be on time. It is so impolite to be a no show and you are essentially bumping a deserving reliable tramper off the list.

Hopstock 2021 - Beer hike

Needs a location

The eighth annual Craft Beer Capital Hopstock festival will soon be upon us, taking place across Wellington's best beer venues over April[masked].

This event is for the Saturday/Sunday dates on the 24th and 25th.

Sizes of beverage range between taster, half size, and a full pint, it might be a good idea to stay on the taster size if you want to get through the full weekend.

More details about the event itself can be found on the hopstock website itself at https://www.craftbeercapital.com/hopstock/

🚩 Summary of Trip:
🔸 Saturday: Starting at Kelburn Village Pub for breakfast
🔸 Sunday: TBC on Saturday.

📌 Difficulty:
🚶 Grade 0

📌 Attendance limit:

🚩 Gear:
👉 Streetwear
👉 Good shoes, you'll be on your feet

🚩 Maps:
👉 A map of all venues can be found here, it will be updated close to the event to include a hopstock filter
👉 https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=1aL6xQU7jDGAq-pZcPNm86Ewo-G0&ll=-41.10258609370769%2C174.90867105&z=10

🚩 Food:
👉 Eating is cheating, but food is available at all venues

🚩 Etiquette: https://wellytg.home.blog/policies-etiquette/

🚩 Transport and Carpooling:
👉 Would advise public transport or uber/zoomy.

🚩 RSVP Questions:
Please make sure you answer all the RSVP questions, otherwise, your RSVP will be changed to “Not going”

❌❗ Important: You can change your answers at any time by clicking on the RSVP button.

🚩 Cancellations:
📌 If we enter covid levels change this trip will be canceled. The weather will not affect the trip.

Look forward to meeting & walking with you!

🚩 Questions?
Post below 😊

Martinborough Wine Cycle


Come do a cycling tour of various vineyards in Martinborough, then stay over night at the local camp ground to finish off what you've picked up on your tour.

Either bring your own bike or rent one in Martinborough (you may want to book ahead of time), there are also tandem, quad and more bikes available there.

Basic plan is to meet at the camp ground at 10am, put up your tent or whatever, then start cycling, we'll try and do a sampling at each vineyard, bring a bag in case you want to buy a bottle for latter.
Once it gets too dark to ride, it's back to the camp ground to finish off the wine.

Starts as 1, gets harder as the day goes on...

What you'll need:
- A bike
- A booked place at the camp ground
- A tent (unless you book a cabin)
- Water
- A sun hat/sunscreen

Note: To make sure that people who sign up can actually make it, I'm not adding anyone to the going list until they have booked a spot at the Martinborough camp ground (https://mtop10.nz). So put yourself on the waiting list and message me when you've got a spot and I'll move you to the going list.

Bike hire is here https://greenjersey.co.nz/martinborough-cycle-hire/

Grade 4: Aorangi Crossing

Needs a location

This is the north->south crossing of most of the Aorangi forest park. There should be some good views and a lot of 'rustic' huts.

More info here https://www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/places-to-go/wairarapa/places/aorangi-forest-park/things-to-do/aorangi-crossing/

Saturday: Meet at Wellington railway station around 7am, drive to
Putangirua Pinnacles campsite, leave one car there, one at the other road end, walk to Pararaki Hut, stay night there.

Sunday: Pararaki Hut to Cape Palliser road end. Drive back to Pinnacles campsite to pickup second car. Then back to Wellington.

Pararaki Hut is only a 6 person hut, so the limit on this trip is 6 people.

Both days are going to be long with minimal breaks, hence the grade 4, and because of this I will be restricting this trip to people I know are capable of the long days. If you're keen to come put your name on the wait list, and if I haven't done any trips with you I'll be in touch to talk about your experience level.

We will need two cars between us so that we can have one at each end, this will be organised before the trip. Note that one car will be left at a remote road end, so maybe don't bring your Ferrari.

Full disclaimer - I've never done this, so will be working off a map, it looks straight forward, but we might get lost at times.

The usual stuff, if you have to ask you shouldn't be on this trip ;)
With the addition of a bivvy bag or equivalent, it's possible we'll be sleeping outdoors if the hut is full.

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