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This group is all about hiking and tramping and exploring Wellington Region and further afield. We cover everything from a few hours over day and weekend tramps and welcome experienced trampers to organise and guide. Sometimes we even go for a Sunday afternoon Stroll along the coast - but that's the exception.

This platform lets you get together with other keen people and go places together. There'll be a trip organiser that will plan out the logistics and how to get from A to B, but we're all adults responsible for ourselves.

If you sign up for a tramp - read carefully, make sure your fitness level matches the description and you do have the appropriate gear. If you are unsure - please get in contact with the organiser of the particular tramp or one of the group organisers. We'd rather you ask lots of questions than something happening!

We organise our trips on https://meetup.com/WellingtonTrampingGroup , and talk about all things tramping, and plan future events and tramps on https://facebook.com/groups/WellingtonTramp... (https://facebook.com/groups/WellingtonTramping) .

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Beer Can Cooking in Tutuwai Hut

Wellington Station, Platform 9

What we'll do: ------------------- Drive to Marchant Road. Take two cans of beer or cider each (Or more) and hike into Tutuwai Hut for the night. Drink beer and then turn your empty beer cans into a stove to cook your evening meal with. I'll bring the tools and know-how needed to convert your cans along with the meths to fuel them. If you don't want to drink then you'll have to carry beer in for me and become one of my beer mules ;-P Day One: Head to Tutuwai Hut, drink some beer, then have some fun with our beer/cooking mission. No gas stoves are allowed so it's survival 101 stuff! Day Two: Walk out and try to find Joe Gibbs Memorial hut which is on my hut bagging list, then return home. https://www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/places-to-go/wellington-kapiti/places/tararua-forest-park/things-to-do/huts/tutuwai-hut/ What to bring ------------------- • Beer or Cider or such like (In cans) • A good attitude. • Food to cook in your new stove for an evening meal. Breakfast, Lunch X2 and snacks • Wire coat hanger or equivalent to make a tripod for the stove. (Can discuss and possibly make in advance) • Usual Overnight gear and hut ticket/pass (This is a serviced hut so tickets cost $15.00) • Equipment - Tramping gear for an overnight tramp. Wet weather gear, warm clothing and sleeping bag are essential. Proper Tramping boots. Head torch. PLB if you have one. Transport ---------------------------- Please only RSVP if you can commit to coming. We will need volunteers to provide transport, if you can provide transport please leave a note in the comments. Bring some cash to contribute to petrol/electric money for drivers. Cancellations ------------------- The trip will be cancelled if there is a severe weather warning.

Jumbo / Powell circuit in winter

Mount Holdsworth Road

Have you done the Jumbo / Powell circuit a few times and are thinking to yourself, "I like this walk but I wish it was colder"? Then this is your opportunity. I want to start early on Saturday from the Holdsworth car park and walk to Jumbo hut, then weather permitting over the top to Powell where we'll stop for the night. The next day will be an easy walk back to the car park. Note that this is not a beginners walk, DOC lists the full circuit as taking 12 hours, and there's a very good chance of snow to make this harder. https://www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/places-to-go/wellington-kapiti/places/tararua-forest-park/things-to-do/tracks/mt-holdsworth-jumbo-circuit/ If you're keen to come I'll have to either know you're capable of doing this, or have someone vouch for you. Sorry for being draconian, but I don't want anyone freezing up there. As for gear, you'll need all the usual overnight tramping stuff, plus some extra warm layers, and hut tickets if needed. Micro spikes or something like them may be a good idea too. Maybe some beer to warm up again at the hut ;) If you're keen to car pool, please comment below. Finally, this will be quite weather dependent, and may be cancelled with very short notice, but it'll have to be really bad weather for me not to want to go.

Haurangi Hut, Remutaka Forest Park (Newbie friendly)

Catchpool Valley Carpark

I have Haurangi hut in the Remutaka Forest Park booked for 1 night from Saturday 17 August to Sunday 18 August. So let's go hiking and exploring. http://www.topomap.co.nz/NZTopoMap/nz42175/Haurangi-Hut/Wellington We'll meet in the Catchpool car park and then make our way to the hut (route to be decided). Once at the hut we can relax before we settle down and have some dinner and a few drinks. At night we may go for a wander down the track to see if we can hear any Kiwi. On Sunday we can either walk back out on the Orongorongo track if we want to cruise, or take an alternative route if we're feeling energetic. Most of this walk is on fairly well graded tracks. We'll meet at Catchpool Road-end on Saturday morning. There is no public transport, so you will need to organise your own ride or carpool in the comments - please state if you have a car and can bring some people along. As it is about a 45 minute drive each way, please give your driver a koha of at least $5 for petrol each way. We should be back around midday on Sunday. Cost: $10 per person for the hut fees + koha for driver if you need a lift. As this is only 1 night and a relatively easy walk in and the hut has a lot of equipment like gas cookers I would like to give newbies (who have the essential gear or who can borrow/hire it) a chance to experience an overnight tramp so I will be looking at splitting the booking half half between newbies and experienced. So RSVP to the waitlist - I'll then message (please make sure you have the meetup messanger functionality enabled) my bank account details to the first 4 newbies and 4 experienced people to RSVP. Once I have recieved your payment I will move you from the Waitlist to the Going list. The reason you need to pay now is I have already paid for the booking. No refunds sorry (unless the event is over-subscribed). If you find yourself unable to go, then you're welcome to find another person to take your place and they can pay you back. You will need: Tramping Pack (You can hire these from Bivouac) Sleeping Bag Sturdy footwear (preferably hiking boots). A wind and waterproof jacket Warm layers high energy snacks Lots of drinking water Bring something for breakfast (x1), lunch (x2), and dinner (x1) Bring extra clothing in case of wet weather. PLB if you have one Survival bag Walking poles if you have them Cards or game for the evening A celebratory drink if you wish First aid and personal medication. Head torch Hut shoes Sunscreen Toilet paper Candles About the hut: Haurangi Hut is a serviced 10-bunk hut in the Remutaka Forest Park. We will have sole occupancy and the hut has cookers, pots, pans, crockery and cooking utensils as well as wood heating, cold tap water and a composting toilet. https://www.doc.govt.nz/parks-and-recreation/places-to-go/wellington-kapiti/places/remutaka-forest-park/things-to-do/huts/haurangi-hut/ Confirmed paid:

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