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This group is all about hiking and tramping and exploring Wellington Region and further afield. We cover everything from a few hours over day and weekend tramps and welcome experienced trampers to organise and guide. Sometimes we even go for a Sunday afternoon Stroll along the coast - but that's the exception.

This platform lets you get together with other keen people and go places together. There'll be a trip organiser that will plan out the logistics and how to get from A to B, but we're all adults responsible for ourselves.

If you sign up for a tramp - read carefully, make sure your fitness level matches the description and you do have the appropriate gear. If you are unsure - please get in contact with the organiser of the particular tramp or one of the group organisers. We'd rather you ask lots of questions than something happening!

We organise our trips on https://meetup.com/WellingtonTrampingGroup , and talk about all things tramping, and plan future events and tramps on https://facebook.com/groups/WellingtonTramp... (https://facebook.com/groups/WellingtonTramping) .

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Cycle the bays in the evening

Freyburg Beach

And again for the new year! Not strictly tramping, but still involves using your legs, so close enough! You can bring a pack if that makes you feel better. Now that the evenings are getting pleasant lets go for an evening ride around the bays. The basic idea is to leave from Freyburg pool and then do a loop right around the bays stopping somewhere along the way for a snack and drink. This should take a couple of hours. You don't need to be super fit, or have the fanciest gear to do this, just a working reliable bike will do. It is a fairly long way (around 30km) but the pace can be decided on the night. What to bring: - A working bike - Helmet - Lights (could get dark before the ride finishes) - Spare tubes/repair kit/pump etc - Water

Overnight tent Camping (location to be determined)

Needs a location

This will be an easy hike in with tents and sleeping pads to camp out under the stars. We did one back in the winter and we had a good time. This should be a wee bit warmer! Let me know if you have any suggestions for a location (I know of one by Catchpool parking area or by Holdsworth Lodge).

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MTB Pencarrow Coast


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