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Spirit Kids: Connecting Youth to our Natural World
Spirit Kids: The Conscious Parenting Movement Our world has drastically changed from when we were children. Gone are the days of hanging out at the parks, getting home when the street lights came up and being one with nature, and jumping into creeks with our school friends. Today, if your kids, are anything like mine, friendships are happening in a virtual setting, be it video gaming, social media, phone apps etc. our youth are bombarded by technology. Although, yes it is the wave of the future we must also remember our past and the lessons of what connection really means to us as humans. Take a look at the parks in your area. I can bet you will only find toddlers and young children with their parents. I remember the ages of 9, 10, 11, 12, and even older than that playing outside until the streetlights came on, biking, and playing at the parks. It’s healthy and natural! We are social creatures, but we are also very empathetic. We are naturally drawn to nature and animals. This connection is essential to internal balance. Come to Spirit Kids as we reconnect to the earth in its natural energy setting. Fun and lively ways to bring like-minded conscious and empathic children together as we seek to balance our everyday lives. Every Monday afternoon starting Monday, August 20th at 4 pm at various park locations across Brampton we will be running this group. This isn’t a babysitting service, parents are encouraged to participate because we want you to get off your electronics as well! If you do not want to attend with your child please ensure that they are old enough to stay and participate (ages 9 and older) There is a $20 cost per visit for 2 parents and 2 children. An additional $10 per child. We require a minimum of 5 participants to run the program. Please if you RSVP please show up. There are costs that we account for when you say you are attending. If you would like to join our monthly plan it will be $45.00 per month which includes 2 parent and 2 children, an extra $10 per additional kid. Monthly subscriptions will start in September. What does that include? • Healthy vegan snacks and water • Fun programs to connect to nature • How to teach our kids to meditate and connect within. This aids with emotional regulation • Simple Yoga • Intuitive Scavenger hunts • Environmental education • Learn how to use your natural empathic abilities • Free Play *Park locations will be announced via message/email prior to the event* Why did I start this program? My children are highly sensitive and the school system wanted me to medicate them which I refused. Instead, I incorporated spiritual and ancient techniques to help them cope with our system and they are THRIVING and super aware of energy. Our system isn’t perfect, and I believe that our children need to learn how to function in this world but not to become it. If you are of the same mindset please join us.

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This group is an all-inclusive, non-judgemental open meetup group. This means we are open and accepting of all people no matter how they identify. We are about compassion, encouragement, support, empowerment, and how to get into alignment with your true self. If you are feeling stagnant and stuck between the mind and heart duality, then join us for some great energy shifting!

About Stephanie:

Stephanie is a compassionate and gifted intuitive healer. She has spent the last 12 years exploring and expanding on her spiritual journey and embracing her gifts. She has been gathering knowledge, insight and personal growth in her own healing journey through EFT, CBT therapy, Psychodramatic Bodywork, CCMBA, Abraham Hicks, Dr Brian Weiss, Louise Hay, Access Consciousness and just about any other source she can find. Stephanie is a certified Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master, and also holds a certificate in level 1 Usui Teate Reiki. As well, she is a certified Access Bars practitioner and offers intuitive energy healing using Reiki and a variety of Access Consciousness body processes to contribute in releasing physical and emotional pain and trauma held in the body. Stephanie encourages her clients to use positive affirmations and self-talk to nurture and strengthen self-love. She is currently working with Traci Trimble (True Path Consulting with Traci Trimble, PhD) in an apprenticeship role and recently enrolled in the University of Sedona to obtain her BA in Metaphysics.

About Rena:

Rena has personally healed complex PTSD, chronic depression, and anxiety that arose from various childhood traumas. After 20 years in traditional western medical treatment, she became frustrated that change wasn’t happening in her life as she remained stagnant in her pain and suffering. It wasn’t until she accepted her highly intuitive empathic abilities as her internal guiding system was she was able to stop all pharmaceutical medications and other forms of western therapy. Rena knows that we are all born with this internal guidance system and so many people are trying to find their way back to a natural state of well being. Presently Rena lives's a healthy lifestyle that is filled with daily spiritual practice and coaching clients who are ready and committed to transformation and healing. She is fully committed to helping you connect to your internal energy body and aid you on your journey to understanding how energy works in your body. She is grateful to be a part of her client’s transformation to living a natural healthy state of well being. Rena has worked with Shamans in South America, Mexico and Bali to learn how to handle her highly sensitive abilities. She is a supporter of tribal plant medicine.

This group is about getting you back into your natural state of being, and to show you how super easy it can be when you are fully allowing. EASE is the true power, and we will show you how to work with the energy that will naturally balance your emotions.

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