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THE MAIN PURPOSE OF WELLNESS WATCHERS 94501 The main purpose is for members to get together and be part of a supportive community which is interested in improving their lifestyle, no matter what their current wellness status is. Given the importance of supportive conectedness for general wellness, the busy lives of most people, and Bay Area traffic, it is hopeful that having a local group will provide convenience and encourage participation. The paragraph below has a few ideas for large and small Wellness Watchers gatherings. We will also encourage carpooling to other Meetup events. PLEASE MESSAGE ME WITH AT LEAST THREE ACTIVITIES YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE SCHEDULED.

LEGAL ASSISTANCE NEEDED TO FORM A 501 C3 Besides the Alameda Library, with very limited facilities and limited hours, I've not been able to find a location (hall, restaurant banquet room) that would be suitable for our group activities for less than $200/$250 per event! When I inquired at local churches with reasonable rates I was told that their insurance companies would only allow rentals to other non profit organizations. If you know of a suitable location, please contact me, otherwise I hope someone will volunteer to help form a 501 C3 non profit.

A FEW IDEAS FOR MEETUPS Your Choice - Couples, Singles, Families or All Group

Restaurant and entertainment outings, group potluck meals

Group preparation of single pot entrees for the freezer

Home based organic gardening or strength building workout with a group coach

Chess and other board games, attend actvities of other health minded meetup groups

Group participation in community volunteer activities

Weight management group, book review discussion group, or discussion of a topic based on web research, etc.

Attend healthy cooking classes offered locally or by Wellness Watchers.

Members (support buddies) attend a gym together or any of a variety of different classes ie. Pilates, gigong, yoga, zumba, meditation, etc.

Volleyball, bowling, basketball, sailing, golf, ping pong, dance outing, walks, jogging, marathon prep, hikes, bicycling


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