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Calling all Welsh people, their families and friends in the Bournemouth and surrounding area! And those who simply have an affinity with Wales, Welsh culture or with people who are Welsh. This would be your 'Welsh Connection'.

By establishing an active meetup group, we aim to foster the common interests of those with some Welsh connection to the Principality or Welsh people, where they can enjoy companionship and friendship. Regular meetups are shown in our calendar and these will always be social, friendly and informal. The minimum age of membership is 18 yrs but members can bring minors to suitable events.

Members may bring invited guests (normally limited to one or two, depending on the event) - the so-called ‘+1, +2’ on our site. However, we ask that, if a member brings the same guest for two occasions, they apply to become a member to attend further events (when they will be granted membership subject to approval). This is particularly important at very popular events where there is a high demand for places. We feel that it is only right that members are given precedence over member's guests. Also, '+1's should not be used to register existing members for an event.

Please remember, there's no fee in joining! NB. As from 1 November, 2018, members will be charged £2 for each guest they bring to an event, payable to the organisers on arrival, EXCEPT when an event requires a payment for each person attending (eg for a concert or dinner), in which case the guest £2 charge will be waived.

PLEASE NOTE, it is not our intention to make a charge for membership, even though the founders dedicate their time freely and incur some costs in maintaining the Group. All we ask in return is that members practise good etiquette. What is good etiquette? Well, it’s about an acceptable standard of behaviour and nothing to do with rules! For example, we expect you to:

a. always give adequate notice (more than one week, ideally) of cancelling your attendance at events. This is particularly important when available spaces are limited, or an event has a waiting list. We appreciate that in unforeseen circumstances, sufficient notice may not be possible.

b. pay promptly where an up-front fee is necessary to secure bookings.

c. welcome and integrate with all Welsh Connection members attending an event, some of who are, with trepidation, visiting for the first time. Just like you did once! The Welsh are the most sociable race on the planet, so let's make everybody feel a part!

d. be social and friendly to all participants at an event and mindful of their surroundings

e. be considerate, respectful and collaborative

f. refrain from demeaning, discriminatory, harassing behaviour and speech, and particularly the use of inappropriate, or bad, language

We also encourage our members to suggest venues and occasions for meetups and even host or co-host events with the support of The Welsh Connection organiser, Susan Powell.

So, come on, join us, enjoy yourself, bring your ideas and influence what you want the group to be!

(The language of the group is English, which means that those who have no Welsh are not at any disadvantage.)

The group has links with, and is sponsored by Bournemouth and District Welsh Society, which can be viewed on:- http://www.bournemouthanddistrictwelshsociety.com/ (http://www.bournemouthanddistrictwelshsociety.com/)

Susan and Bern, Organiser and Co-organiser of The Welsh Connection.



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