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Welcome to Bristol Werewolf. In September 2020 we'll have been playing Wherewolf, a social deduction game, for SIX years in Bristol. There are a good number of variants of the game that you may have heard of, including One Night Werewolf, Town of Salem and Mafia. Whether you've played a game before or not, you're more than welcome to join our village.

We play a very specific version that's slightly different to those mentioned, and as such even if you've played a variant before we require all members to attend a "First Timer Friendly" session for their first Werewolf event as we do a full introduction at the these events - Although please note, if it's a non-werewolf event, e.g. Board Gaming, you're welcome to join unless it says differently in the event description!

The game of Werewolf is easy to learn, difficult to master. There’s no board, few rules, just talking, thinking, pointing, bluffing and lying! Ten to twenty of us sit in a circle, probably in the back room of a cosy pub. The moderator gives us each a secret role (villager or werewolf), and then over an hour or so we try to figure out who is who. The villagers want to burn all the werewolves at the stake through voting, and the Werewolves want to kill all the villagers at night. And no-one knows for sure who anyone else is…

It’s a great way to meet people, and whether you’re a thinker or a talker, you’re very welcome. So, join the group, RSVP to a "First Timer Friendly" event, and come have some fun!

We should note that this is not a group that welcomes unsolicited dating messages to our members. If you receive unwelcome correspondence, please get in touch with one of our organisers and we'll review the membership status of the sender.

Please make sure you RSVP to events you intend to go to - we need to know numbers beforehand. Thanks.

(Finally, if you want to check out the roles we play with - and don't worry too much about this - everything will be explained when you turn up - you can check them out using the following link. New Players should only need to focus on the roles with ONE moon next to them! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10YI36w7-LJUptwQ7ByW5c4To9DMda0ig )

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