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This meetup is about self-growth, healing and personal empowerment through God, Avatars of God, Angels, Masters, Spiritual Doctors and your Guides. This isn't a talk therapy group, this is 100% doing group. If you take the step forward you will spiritual grow, heal, release with consistent effort. No one expects a gym body without going to the gym and the same is true with growing in God. The only way you won't start to heal or grow, is if you won't allow yourself the opportunity to shift. Each event will offer supportive energy, tools, techniques for you to work towards shifting old beliefs and releasing old energetic patterns which no longer serve your highest good and welfare. It's time to shift yourself, so you can truly can be happy. Buy becoming a member of this group, you are agreeing to receive help from my spiritual team, which includes my guides, many spiritual masters, angels and the spiritual doctors of the Casa Dom Ignacio, which are associated with John of God. What can happen based on your receptivity you will begin to receive energetic support with participation in this group. I do offer spiritual initiations and other programs, which will aid you in your healing process. All services offered at this meetup will include a small honor fee to maintain the balance of karma. If you are interested in more extensive healing programs that can be discussed. However, there is no requirement to be part of this meetup. My interest is seeing people empowered with REAL spiritual tools. Please do not mistake this group as a novelty as my becoming a member, means you are serious about attending, receiving and releasing what is blocking you from having perfect health.

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Christa "Real Spiritual Protection & boosting your Spiritual Healing abilities"

Are you a person bothered by environmental energies or the energies that others hold? Do you feel energetically or emotionally drained being around other people? Are you a psychic "sensitive" that feels others energies and cannot establish your own boundaries? Are you a clinician, nurse "healer" of any sort and you know your picking up other people's energetic stuff. Well, there is a solution and its not attempting to hold a field of white light and trying to maintain that throughout your day. Christa is a real spiritual empowerment which was empowered by God Realized saints. Christa is a process which will assist you to grow while spiritually protecting you, so you can serve in greater ways. This process will make you more grounded, it will open more channels, it can "will" open spiritual gifts as your ready, you will have access to more guides and the Angels "Arch Angel Michael". Why haven't you heard about this, because its an advanced healers modality and not many people on this planet actually can connect you to it. If you receive the initiation you would see the benefits as well and if you attended one of the meetups you would meet others, who's lives have been changed through this healing process. I routinely assist Reiki practitioners and their ability to hold and move light increases dramatically.

The initiation session is roughly 90 minutes of focused energetic work to clear away what's blocking you and to get your connected so you can draw on the Christ energy yourself.

I can work in person or long distance. I accept cash, check and credit card payments. In closing, spiritual healing work is my "life purpose", so this isn't a side line for me. Healing comes by the grace of God and its Gods grace that allows us to heal and grow.

I offer other forms of healing as well, please take a look at my website for details. I am available for consultation and other speaking related events.

Isn't it time you really empowered your life?



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