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Orisa Gathering Weekend
Come pray and offer to Iyemọja and Ṣàngó, two of the most popular Yorùbá deities worshippes throughout the world, as we round up their yearly town festivals in Nigeria. Appropriate offerings include: • obì (kolanuts) • orógbó (bitter kolanuts) • ataare (alligator pepper/guinea pepper) • gin • ripe manzano bananas • monetary donation to accompany your kolanut for prayer Iyemo̩ja is an elder Yorùbá water deity associated with rivers, streams, creeks, wells, and anywhere there is water present. Devotees pray to her for abundance, children, opulence, healing, and spiritual development. S̩àngó is a Yorùbá thunder deity prayed to for victory over adversaries, promotion and growth, prowess, strengthening of magical and spiritual abilities, and wealth. ***Make sure to remember the songs we’ve learnes for both of these òrìs̩à!!!

Ilé Olóòs̩à Mó̩kànlá

6370 Lee Street · Hollywood, FL


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This is a group with a focus on West African Orisa Tradition and Yoruba culture directly from its source in Nigeria and Benin Republic. Whether you follow Candomble, Lucumi, Trinidadian Orisa Tradition, or West African Orisa Tradition, this group's insights will be of unimaginable benefit to you.

If you ever wanted to know the reality about West African Orisa Tradition as it is practices in Nigeria and Benin Republic and wanted to become a part of it then this is the group you are looking for! This is also a great place to meet folks of like-mind and build community.

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