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An additional poetry workshop group for those who live in the Bloomington/Eden Prairie area that are interested in meeting once every month or two to get feedback on their work.
This workshop will be similar to the Twin Cities Poetry Workshop: We will try to keep the groups no more than 6 people, so if there were more folks then we would split into smaller groups. Everyone, if they so choose, brings a poem to workshop. Taking turns, a poet will read his/her poem just to be heard, then the poem will be read a second time, (either by the poet or another member of the group), to allow everyone to comment on their copy, and then those comments will be shared with the writer. This has been an effective way to critique poetry. Critiquing means constructive criticism, as well as the ability to have a thick skin when you're the one being critiqued. It's about the writing, not the person.

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Poetry Workshop - Weather Permitting

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