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Engineering Test Automation for Success: The Simplified Abstraction Model

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14023 Denver West Parkway · Golden, CO

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Go to the building on the left. Then follow the signs to the 2nd floor and meet us in the middle for food and fun.


It's been almost 2 months since our last meetup. Personally, I continue to blame February and its freak snow storm for throwing us off our game. But I'm very happy to announce we are back on track. This April 26th we are coming back with a bang, with special guest speaker Jim Gifford. Jim has oodles of experience in test and test automation and will be hear to give a very interesting talk about how to be successful. In my experience there is no shortage of people pitching their framework or toolset. But rarely do we get into the weeds and learn about what makes someone a success in this space. So I for one am very excited!! (So excited, in fact, I added the rarely seen second !)

About the Topic:
"In the presenter's experience, test automation frameworks and projects must possess a particular set of qualities and attributes to be successful in the long term. This talk will focus on these qualities and attributes, highlight the anatomy of a test automation framework and describe a pattern for building intuitive models that make it easier to author and maintain automated tests. Whether you are just beginning your test automation journey or are a seasoned test automator, you should find this presentation interesting and useful."

About Jim:
Jim Gifford has worked in the software industry for over 20 years for companies such as WebMD, Microsoft, Novell and WordPerfect. With the exception of a 3-year stint as a developer, Jim has primarily held quality engineering and quality assurance management and individual contributor roles. Although he has experience in all aspects of software testing, test automation is his passion. He has recently returned to Colorado after 12 years in the Seattle region and is thrilled to see and feel the sun again.

So please come break bread (or pizza) with us on Thursday, April 26th at the illustrious HomeAdvisor home office and meet your fellow industry people and get your learn on!

6:00 - 6:30 - Food and chatting
6:30 - 7:30 - Presentation
7:30 - 8:00 - More chatting and closing time