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We offer a safe environment to delve into the many aspects of weight-loss that have nothing to do with diet and exercise. We are certainly NOT against optimal diet and exercise routines. But there is so much more to the equation. Let's learn what else we can do to help us reach all our goals.

Meetings will cover the behavioral, energetic, emotional, nutritional and physical aspects of well-balanced weight-control. Each meeting will focus on one or two topics. Topics include: Focused Attention vs Distraction, Minimize Known Behaviors of an Overweight Person, Emulate Known Behaviors of a Naturally-Thin Person, Stop Fearing Food, Undo Unreasonable Body Fixation and Destructive Body Image, Stop Believing the Myths About Weight Loss and Food, Release Cellular Memory, Reprogram Subconscious Mind for the Body You Want, Expunge old Emotional and Spiritual Imprints, Learn Which Foods Harm and Which Foods Heal Your Specific Body, Improve Your Radar for Difference Between Craving and Habit, Develop a Tailored Exercise Routine for Your Specific Body, Psychological Support.

Participants will be able to share their story and also learn some new skills at each meeting that they can apply to their own situation. Howard B. Richman is the host and we will often have guest leaders.

Attendance is free. WE ARE WAITING UNTIL WE HAVE MORE MEMBERS JOIN THE GROUP UNTIL WE SCHEDULE MORE EVENTS. PLEASE SIGN UP AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND WE WILL CONTACT YOU WHEN WE RESUME MEETINGS. We either will be holding meeting Tuesday evenings 7-8:30, or Sundays 2-3:30. After we have more members, we will take a vote of which day/time is best. Call or email for schedule and location: 818-757-0600 info@non-diet-weight-loss.com

Howard B. Richman is the author of "Weight-Loss and the Art of Focusing," which he wrote in 1995. He is also the composer of "Feeling Fat," 1984, sound healing music to help release the cellular memory associated with weight issues. https://www.non-diet-weight-loss.com

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