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Do you wish to use your special & unique insights to make a difference in the World?

If you answered yes, then you're reading this for a reason. Come join me in developing your unique Intuitive Skills in a safe & powerful space that will elevate you & those around you. We all have a unique "Intuitive Blue Print" & Sam can help bring awareness to that. He can also help you develop that to propel your every day life in many amazing ways. Through this experience, you will begin to master the creation of a PURPOSE FILLED & HAPPY life.

In this 1 hour group session, Sam will commence with a meditation with the intention to heighten the connection of the group to their Higher Selves & their connection & use of their Intuition. IT'S A POWERFUL & MAGICAL COLLECTIVE EXPERIENCE.

It's like going to the gym, the more you work on developing your ability & exercising that muscle, the more you will be able to read people & your environment more lovingly, intuitively, constructively, realistically & proactively with real discernment through these sessions. Sam will be giving mini Clairvoyant Readings to align participants with their highest paths to demonstrate, but he also has the ability to address & heal any unresolved matters that might arise in the group in a constructively safe & loving way. Everyone will be invited to also share their perspectives & visions.

At the moment, these sessions are an Open Invite to Public & it is first in first serve. Limited spaces available at any given time. Consideration will be given to those who would like to host their own Events from their own home in the future. This will be assessed on a as need basis (see Sam for further enquiries).

Sam will be further looking to create what is called a "Closed Circle" where participants have achieved a greater level of alignment & connection to their higher selves & higher frequencies. This is a smaller Circle which will require commitment to regular attendance with same participants. The work & magic that happens in these "invite only Closed Circles" is ascended collective CREATION & POWER - something most definitely to aim for.

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