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Do you like to cook (and eat) as much as I do? I’ll be hosting dinners at my home in WeHo every couple of months. You will bring a home-cooked dish that can be enjoyed in an informal atmosphere, and I’ll provide wine to share with new friends. You’ll need to declare your dish when you RSVP for a dinner so that everyone knows what everyone else is bringing and we can avoid too many of the same dishes.
I lived in New Orleans for several years and was involved with a group of friends who did something similar. It truly became a big family affair and a great way to meet new friends who end up having a lot in common, and the food, as you might imagine, was amazing. Now that I’ve moved to WeHo and settled in, I want to share the experience. I’d like to keep it to about 12 people at most.

I work at home as an online post-graduate admissions tutor. I love discussion about current events. My favorite cuisines are Italian, French, and California cuisine (in the style of Alice Waters). My all-time favorite cookbook is Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home, and my favorite restaurant in L.A. is The Little Door. Let me know a little bit about yourself, including your favorite cuisine(s), cookbook(s) and restaurant(s), and perhaps this will be the beginning of an enduring friendship while enjoying some delicious homemade food and wine with you.

Best, Bill

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