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Welcome to the Warrior Goddess Training Meetup... bringing together like-minded women who want to live their authentic selves, and become more aware of the obstacles they put up for themselves that prevent them from having the life they want and from asserting themselves and their own needs. We will be working through the Warrior Goddess books and meditations by HeatherAsh Amara, finding the tools we personally need and acting as support for each other. Welcome!

I have read many new age, spiritual, religious and philosophical books over the decades, and found HeatherAsh Amara's books spoke to me more than most at this point in my life (I am turning 50 next year). I have already led an Eckhart Tolle book club... we worked through A New Earth over a three-year period (we went pretty deep, and sometimes it would take months to work through a single chapter!), and the core group still meets on a regular basis... I find it very helpful and wonderful to be surrounded by like-minded people who will not judge you as you continue on your own spiritual path.... feel free to join us if that is what you are looking for too.



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