What we're about

Come join other jazz musicians to play standards and learn from each other in a fully collaborative environment. With this group I aim to expand our knowledge and craftmanship of the great art form we call Jazz.

If you like to listen to jazz, you are also welcome to watch the jam sessions, even if you don't play an instrument.

Gigging opportunities have opened up for players in the meetup group as well.
The mainstay of the group are the regular Jam sessions which are held once a month. Educational sessions are also held so people get a chance to improve their craft in a non-pressured atmosphere.
Players of any level are welcome to participate. And if you're not ready, sit and watch first and chat and meet a friendly bunch of musicians.

Cost of a typical meetup for players is $10. Free to watch and listen.

Upcoming events (1)

Jazz Jam at Playa #5

Hacienda Playa

Jazz Jam is back in a new format at the new location. The last jam sounded really good and the audience appreciated it!

The host band will play for one set starting promptly at 6:30pm. The open jam will start at 8pm.

This will provide entertainment for Hacienda Playa restaurant (Mexican Restaurant and Bar) which has kindly agreed to host this.

Host band:
Rob B. - Piano (and Organizer)
Andy Applegate - Drums
Barry Assadi - Bass
Ken Weiner - Sax

Then we start the open jam itself and other musicians can join to play after paying the $10 fee.

The host band will fill in any missing instruments in the rhythm section if needed.

Watching the first set and the open jam is completely free. Please support the restaurant with food or beverage purchases as desired. This will encourage them to continue to offer this venue. There is no cover.

There will be limits to bass players and drummers. Please clear with me in advance (depends on who's in the host band).

Pianists will take turns on the single keyboard unless you bring your own keyboard. There will be one keyboard set up.

Bass players need not bring an amp. You can share.

Horn/Wind/Guitar/etc can play on every tune (unless there are too many). Other instruments bring your own amps and extension chords.

NOT suitable for beginners. Some competence is expected so that the whole group can enjoy, particularly for the rhythm section. Enforced strictly for bass and drums.

Vocalists can join but no more than 1 vocal tune for every two tunes. Mic is available for vocalists.

We just use iReal Pro app to call tunes (jazz standards). Or bring your own Real Book (VI). We do not play pop tunes or other genres. Straight ahead Jazz/Latin Jazz only. This is for maximum benefit to all.

If you come earlier, you can listen to the Host band play and grab some food before the open jam starts.

Parking: There is some parking in front. There is a lot of parking behind the restaurant building. There is also parking on the building behind after 5pm. So parking is plentiful.

If you are coming to watch, please say hello to me (I'm playing piano), so I know who came in because of the meetup.


Past events (224)

Jazz Jam at Playa #4

Hacienda Playa