What we're about

We have an incredible GM and are launching a brand new STARFINDER campaign!

There are still 2-3 spots open at the table for players.

STARFINDER is a version of PATHFINDER set in the future with a mix of swords&sorcery and high tech/sci-fi/space exploration.

We plan to meet an average of 2x a month on Friday evenings in West LA (Sawtelle district).

Both new and experience role players are welcome!

All we ask is that you make a reasonable effort to learn the rules, and commit to show up to most of the sessions...of course we understand not everybody can make every session, but a campaign only works if everyone makes a commitment to attend regularly.

We are also looking to start a second Pathfinder campaign, so if you'd like to play or DM there please message me.

Past events (1)

Pathfinder/Starfinder Level 1: Campaign Start!

Brent's Place