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Self-Help Spiritual Divorce (or Break-Up) Weekly Support @ The GATEWAY
6:30 to 7:30PM Weekly Tuesday Nights Self-Help Spiritual Divorce (or Break-Up) Support Group with Tony Camacho, C.Ht. is an empowering act to help yourself through a situation that at times feels unmanageable. Support is an important step in the recovery process, a vital step. This group is unique in that it is a sharing process that also opens to feedback by other participants that is often enormously insightful and may just be that word or hand needed at that moment. After parking and getting settled, the specifics of the evening will include: ~ Signing in simultaneously with $20 donation (unless pre-paid, details on how below) for the evening. ~ Supportive circular seating arrangement. ~ Meeting begins with intentions being set and a safe container created which unfolds as literature delegated to willing persons, is read out loud to the group. During this we will also be lead to go around the room each doing a check in. ~ Then optional share with optional feedback begins: An inquiry will be made to the group if anyone has an urgent matter and needs to share first. If so, they do, if not, it goes to anyone who wishes to share first or if no volunteer, then the first willing person to the right or the left of the facilitator begins the practice of sharing & optional feedback. ~ Please note that all those who arrive on time will be given the first opportunity to share. Each share is timed to 4 minutes + 1 minute wrap up so as to allow enough time for everyone & may be adjusted if a group conscience decides that a longer or shorter time is more appropriate. ~ Once a share is complete, if they are open to feedback, they receive feedback from the group. Feedback is response from other group members to the one who last shared in direct regards to their share with the fullest intent to be supportive. Feedback time is short, 1-2 ,minutes, and may be adjusted if a group conscience decides. ~ In this group there is no cross talk. Cross talk is dialogue from a group member other than the one sharing that interrupts his or her share midstream. ~ There is a break depending on the number of people and consensus to allow a stretch and refresh. Just before it begins, announcements, if any, will be made. ~ Reconvene where we left off until complete. ~ Closing literature read and group adjournment until next time. Cost: By $20 Donation which you may pay at the door, or pre-pay via paypal ( direct to thegatewayportal [@] gmail [.] com (of course minus the []s). Option offered straight from this page at payment details section. Location: The GATEWAY / a Portal for Growth & Wellness 310 * 479 *[masked] Venice Blvd. Suite 202 Los Angeles, CA 90034 Next to Benny's Tacos. Enter code on door *(12345). Proceed upstairs. _______________________________________ Housekeeping Notes from Host Location, The GATEWAY: * Thank you for honoring No Food or Eating or Drinks other than water in containers with lids inside the offices or workshop space of The GATEWAY. * Cell phones silenced as you enter The GATEWAY Quiet Zones please. Thank you. * The GATEWAY Portal practices and asks you, its attendees to join us in upholding a no perfume policy as possible. We also practice and ask all to adhere to a no candle and no incense burning policy for those sensitive to synthetic smells as well as for lessening our harmful carbon footprint impact on the environment. Please note that practitioners are permitted to burn a naturally sun dried herb called sage to clean the space energetically. & lastly where candles are part of a sacred ritual, safe, non-scented candles are permitted to be burned upon expressed consent by GATEWAY's operating director. If you have any further questions on this issue, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you. * Also, in as much as we LOVE animals outside humans, no animals other than humans are permitted inside The GATEWAY. Blessedly this does not eliminate our Practitioners here at GATEWAY from being able to do work on them, as often they work remotely and/or with photos or props. We thank the universe for Quantum on that. Where necessary, the Practitioner may set up chairs and a portable divider to makeshift a little private area outside near our patio to do hands on work with animals. Thank you so much for your understanding and co-operation. Also feel free to check out the whole of GATEWAY's upcoming calendar at ( Our official website is If not already on our mailing list, email mailto:[masked] indicating you'd like to be added. Thank you for your interest in this venue. Please visit us often, as we love your company & as inspired, feel free to spread the word with anyone you know that we may also serve.

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What we're about

This Group is for Men and Women:
• in the burgeoning stages of giving thought to a divorce or separation (not necessarily married)
• who have just announced the decision
• who are amidst the legal process
• who have been procrastinating that step for years while separated and waiting for the next relationship to fuel the leap
• who after it is all said and done realize there is more healing
• who are building tools while seeking support and environments conducive to connect more concretely with one's core self while going through divorce or separation; events of enormous proportion coupled with incredible opportunity that will forever have impact.

This group is a space where the emboldened, empowered, authentic you is invited and supported to come forward in these matters of critical choice that dictate the direction this event shall propel. It's design offers ways to help mitigate the discomfort and lessen the chaos, lending to the enhancement of one's growth. You will be invited to discover new ways of re-framing the way you look at your world. It is an opportunity for all of us to recognize their is more to glean from this event than an alimony commitment or a harmonious division of assets.

Come walk who you really are, even through time such as these.

Weekly Tuesday Nights 6:30 to 7:30PM (subject to change so please check calendar here (
$15 Donation Basis

Facilitator: Tony Camacho, C.Ht.
Tony has 10+ yrs facilitating a Divorce Group at S.H.A.R.E.'s Los Angeles offices with a heartfelt focus on empowerment and self awareness to facilitate life-altering changes.
Bio at:

* Free Parking in attached lot directly behind building first come first serve. When/if full, street parking.

The GATEWAY / a Portal for Growth & Wellness
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