What we're about

An after-work meetup for all people interested in ethical technology.

The group is for technologists and people with a stake or interest in the topic.

We do not only want to talk about technology but also make sure that it does more good than harm in its implementation and use on humanity.

Apart from having a good time with like-minded individuals, the goal is also to fascilitate discussions of all kinds on how we as humans, as technologists, and as users of technology can improve on the state of humanity. This can range from ethical standards for self-driving cars to "AI" and even to the use of technology in other contexts such as agriculture or medicine.

Our meetings have recently been held at The Cricketers pub in Kew, which is quite accessible from places like Ealing, Acton, Richmond, or Twickenham. However I'm open to suggestions for locations that are more convenient for folk.

(group picture by Jens Johnsson on www.unsplash.com)

Past events (16)

Meetup #17: The ethics of the Metaverse

The Cricketers - Kew Green

Meetup #16: Contract for the Web

The Cricketers - Kew Green

Meetup #15: GMOs, organic food, and the ethics of agri-tech

The Cricketers - Kew Green

Meetup #14: The Right to Repair

The Cricketers - Kew Green

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