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At the Socrates Café, we get together for a discussion of a life question that interests or challenges us.

Socrates Cafés are gatherings around the world where people from different backgrounds get together and exchange thoughtful ideas and experiences while embracing the central idea that we learn more when we question, and question with others.

We arrive on the night, meet each other, pick a question we would like to explore and then launch into a facilitated dialogue.

To give you a flavour for the types of questions that we could explore, here are some examples:

- “Why is there a gap between ideals and behaviour?”

- “Should drugs be de-criminalised”

- “What does it mean to be a good friend?”.

No philosophical background needed.

This is about our own philosophies of life and not necessarily what the great philosophers and academics has said or written. It is not a debating club or a platform for proselytising.

Instead, we place the emphasis on questioning, open mindedness and challenging our own assumptions while listening to and respecting the views shared by others.

If you think this might be for you, or even if you are not quite sure yet, why not come along and give it a try. It would be great to see you and have your input.

Socrates Café: A space where ideas and dialogue can flourish

Socratic Method:

This article and video set out how we can use Socratic method to shed light on our truths and refine our definitions etc:

Article: http://changingminds.org/techniques/questioning/socratic_questions.htm

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EB4MYGInRl4


The Ethos of the cafe, as well as other information about the format/method, is well described here: http://www.philosopher.org/Ethos.html

Social Media:

A social media presence exists to facilitate discussion between meetup events:
https://www.facebook.com/groups/79690334375 ...

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Socrates Café - Philosophical Discussion

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Socrates Café - Philosophical Discussion

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Socrates Café - Philosophical Discussion

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