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We are a meetup devoted to the discussion of psychology. We host talks by experts and general discussions on topics of interest and share expertise, knowledge and experience. The meetings are for anyone interested in psychology be they an academic, practitioner, student or just a general interest psychology. The important thing is no prior knowledge is need everyone is welcome.

Some events on the page at organised and funded by The British Psychological Society (BPS) West Midlands Branch (http://www.bps.org.uk/networks-and-communities/member-microsite/west-midlands-branch) but they will always be events that are open to the public i.e. no membership to the society is required.

We expect all participants to respect that this group promotes a wide range of views and levels of prior knowledge. Members are welcome to suggest topics that they would like to discuss/lead to an organiser.

Meetings are free of charge, but primarily buying something at the venue would be the most helpful thing you can do as this gets us the room for free.

In the meantime if you want something to read then we recommend the BPS Reseach Digest http://digest.bps.org.uk/. (http://digest.bps.org.uk/)

Upcoming events (2)

#BrumPitP | Do we know what we like? The psychology of decision-making.

Talk will start promptly at 6.00pm as we need to vacate the room by 7.20pm. You are welcome to arrive from 5.30pm :-) We are really pleased to be introducing our July #BrumPitP speaker: Dr Silvio Aldrovandi from the BCU Psychology team. On a daily basis we all make choices, many of them. How do people select between options? How stable are the preferences that drive human decision-making? In this talk, I will review findings from different areas of research and from a number of studies—including some of my own—about the relationship between people’s choices and the context in which they are made.

BrumPitS| Not mushroom for fun? Neoliberalism, spirituality & magic mushroom use

Please note: the venue doors open at 5.30, but the talk starts promptly at 6pm :-) We are excited to announce our next #BrumPitS is a talk on 'Not mushroom for fun? Neoliberalism, spirituality & magic mushroom use' by Dr James Thompson from the BCU Psychology department. Drawing from critical social psychology research this talk will explore the ways magic mushroom users construct how and why they consume psychoactive fungi, and the role of political discourses in how people make sense of psychedelic experiences. Psilocybin mushrooms have been in the media recently as a possible treatment for depression. However, as well as being a potential medication, magic mushrooms are also an illicit drug, a shamanic spiritual tool, and are historically associated with 20th century counter cultures. Surprisingly, magic mushrooms are also increasingly associated with wellness, self-improvement, and being a good ‘neoliberal citizen’. By exploring the multiple meanings of magic mushrooms we learn something interesting about how the spores of political ideas can fruit in unexpected places. This is a non-alcoholic venue but as with all of our events, everyone is welcome and it is also free to attend. Please be aware there is an honesty bar, so please bring change for your contribution if you'd like a drink. There is no venue-specific parking but is close to car parks and also close to both New Street and Moor Street train station.

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#CovPitP | Artificial intelligence: can machines think?

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