What we're about

This is a group for like-minded dog owners to have some social walks in and around the greater West Midlands area.

We meet at various locations and allow our dogs to have a good walk, and more importantly, to socialise as a 'pack'...just as nature intended.

Anyone may apply to join this group. It must stressed that the overwhelming number of our walks will be 'off lead', which may initially cause problems for 'aggressive' or 'nervous' dogs. That said, they are still welcome to come along providing they are muzzled or under secure lead control. The whole purpose is to socialise all our dogs and to ensure all become at ease around other dogs they've never met before. Remember...all our dogs ( and owners ) have been in exactly the same boat, at some point. All our dogs have made great steps socially, and some are now the very best of friends !

Please feel free to suggest or recommend your own walk to the group, either personally at one of our events, or by email, if that's easier.

The group is relaxed and easy-going, but there are a few things you do need to know :-

• Each member's dog is the responsibility of the member / owner, throughout each event. Each member is expected to provide appropriate welfare for their dog. This includes dealing with any 'mess' or nuisance caused.

• Although not compulsory, the group strongly recommends that each dog is appropriately vaccinated, and also adequately insured.

• Any injury or illness to any member,or dog, attending an event will not be the responsibility of the group. Members attend each event with their dogs, at their own risk.

• It is each member's personal responsibility to make available, emergency contact facilities, in the unfortunate situation that the member should become injured or ill during a group event. This could take the form of ensuring their 'I.C.E' contact details are updated on their mobile phone, maybe leave these details in outer clothing pockets, wallets or purses; or alternatively, provide contact details to Felicity, the Organiser of the group, who invariably attends all events herself. These details will be kept in strict confidence.

• The group organisers retain the right to remove any member who behaves inappropriately towards, or in the presence of, another member.

• The joining fee is £10 per year. This is payable via cash ( to Felicity ) or via PayPal through the Meetup site. This is payable after 2 x months of being accepted as a member of the group. These first 2 x 'free' months are offered as a 'gesture of good will' to ensure the prospective member is happy with becoming a fully paid member. The group organisers retains the right to remove any 'accepted' member of the group, if that member has either not attended an event, or has not paid the group joining fee within those first 2 x 'free' months. Further applications may be refused after this process.

• The £10 fee goes towards the site's administration fees. Any annual surplus is donated to a West Midlands animal charity via a group vote, after initial suggestions.

• Any joining members who have not visited / viewed this site after 3 months will be removed from the group. Generally, it's widely recognised that if a new member hasn't attended one of the group's walks within the first few weeks...they probably won't attend at all. This weeding keeps administration down, and also culls 'time-wasters'.

• Finally...in addition to dog walking, we also enjoy ice-creams, chocolates, cakes, buns, cream teas and alcohol, therefore we try to intertwine at least one of those into our walks, wherever possible, so...

Hope to hear from you very soon ! ☺

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