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West Orange Mommy and Me (WOMM) is a group of over 150 amazing, diverse moms (and their children) who work together to provide educational and fun playdates for children five years old and younger. While most of our members are stay at home moms, we do have several part-time and even full-time working mommies in our group.

Our goal is to teach our children important developmental and social skills through hands on experiences, experiments, field trips and behind the scene tours of local establishments. Our calendar is always full of fun (mostly free) events for you to enjoy with your little ones.


Most of our activities are in the SW Orlando area of Winter Garden, Windermere, Dr. Phillips and Ocoee. We do venture out to other areas but keep in mind these activities are localized for moms who live within the West Orange area.

How Does it Work
Request to join through Meetup. In order to be accepted, your account must have a current profile picture of you and your full name(security reasons) and fill out questions in sign in. Attend ONE of our events posted on Meetup within your 30 day trial period. If you are not ready to attend an event within the next thirty days, please do not request to join as we do keep track of this and we ask that only serious members please apply. Once you attend ONE event decide if WOMM is for you and your family. If so, WELCOME TO WOMM! Please pay your annual family dues of $15 per year. All dues are non-refundable. Check out Meetup for our calendar of activities and start joining the fun of WOMM.
We are 100 percent volunteer run. Team leaders are moms who wish to be more involved and help out by hosting events and/or helping with the operational and administrative aspects of WOMM. It is a big job to keep our calendars full with exciting events therefore, we are always looking for help! Please contact an organizer should you want to be more involved and become a team leader.


Memberships Guidelines/Rules and Things You May Have Questions About:

Five and under only?

Older and younger siblings are always welcome unless other wise noted such as “baby event” or one that specifies certain ages.

Why do we charge $15 a year? Good question. Our mom volunteers do way more than anyone can imagine to make this group AWESOME. Your $15 a year dues pays for: Meetup subscription fees, craft fees, event fees (we hold big free events for our members such as Easter Egg hunts and holidays events, ice cream socials and many many more just to name a few.) Basically, $15 is a bargain compared to what WOMM provides for its members.

Facebook- Please request to join our Facebook page. You will be added once your dues are paid. It is a great source for recommendations, things going on, last minute meet ups and so much more. We are a moms group, we try to support one another as much as possible, should you want to promote your business, please do so on the WOMM resale/yard sale page.

Attendance Requirements

WOMM is a very active group and in order to keep things running smooth, we need our members to be engaged.

We require our members to attend at least one playdate every quarter. (One meet up every three months.) Failure to attend a meet up without a written notice as to why you are inactive may cause you to be terminated from the group.

Since we are all busy moms and volunteer- our time is precious therefore the effort we put into WOMM is important. Please be considerate when you RSVP to an event. We ask that you please confirm within 24 hours of event. After 24 hours, it is considered an emergency cancellation and you must contact the event host. Failure to do so will be considered a No Show. Three No Shows and/or unexplained absences may cause you to be removed from group. Cancelling for no valid reason within 24 hours of event is considered a no show. Please let event host as soon as possible if you can not make an event and update your RSVP.

Tardiness Rules- If you are going to be late please post on the Meetup page under comments so everyone knows of your whereabouts. Failure to let event host aware you are running late is considered a No Show. We get it, there will be times you are going to be late, you have little ones, just please be courteous and let event host know as soon as possible. ***Scheduled tours are an exception to the rule. Please respect others time and more importantly, the facility providing our group a tour. Anyone late to a tour is considered a No Show. Please be at least 10 minutes early to a tour as they begin promptly at times scheduled.

These rules are in place to make sure we all respect each other’s time and efforts put into WOMM. We understand we are all moms and there will be sick kids, flat tires and many other circumstances that will cause you to miss an event, we get it- just be courteous to others and let the event host know within reasonable time.

RSVP Etiquette-Please refer to the event description for RSVP instructions for each event you would like to attend. Some events require you to RSVP for just your children and others require an exact headcount. If you have any questions please ask the event host.

Wait lists-Many of our events (especially field trips/tours) will have a wait list. Please join the wait list if you are interested in attending an event. This helps us to gauge interest and plan events for the future.

Sick Policy-Please wait 24 hours after your child’s symptoms have gone before coming to play! We want our kiddos to stay as healthy as possible (and us too)!

Noncompete Policy- WOMM has flourished because of all the hard work put into this group from dedicated Mommies who put their heart and soul into this group. We want like minded mommies to contribute to this group and always welcome help from all of our members. We understand we will not all have the same likes- but we do require that all members respect one another. We want you to meet friends for your children and for you along the way. Keeping a positive environment for our children is number one therefore, “clicks, bullying or excluding of WOMM members is frowned upon. In order not to cast out or exclude WOMM members we ask that you do not form separate groups within WOMM that do not welcome all WOMM members. If you want to do a specialized group within WOMM please bring it up to WOMM leadership for approval. Point blank, please feel free to join other groups but please do not join or form other groups similar to WOMM and not include WOMM members.

We look forward to welcoming you to WOMM!

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