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This meetup was created for those who wish to practice and enhance their intuitive abilities. This meetup will allow you to practice listening to your intuition or your higher self as well as practice using your natural God-Given abilities. We all have the gift of seeing, but it is rarely used. We each take turns giving the participants readings or messages based on what we see in our own mind's eye using our intuition or guidance from our angels, guides, masters, etc. Is very fun and comfortable, with absolutely no judgment. We set this up to have fun and learn from each other and open up our mind to what is really right in front of us.

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Mt. Shasta Spiritual Retreat THIS EVENT IS FULL

Mt. Shasta Spring Retreat I have created a Spiritual Retreat where together we can learn to Create and Manifest our Dreams. Join us for of some Spiritual Writing, Dream Manifesting, Contacting your Spirit Guides, Natural Mineral Spring Baths, Native American Sweat Lodge and Healing in Nature in Beautiful Mt. Shasta. We will create newness in joy, love, laughter and beauty. All are welcome. Details: 3 days and 2 night adventure of Spiritual Renewal for Spring. Friday May 24 – Sunday May 26, 2019. There are 6 beds available in this house. If you would like to come to the retreat and stay elsewhere, that is perfect. The cost with $133.00 due at time of reservation. Please pay through paypal at [masked]. These are shared rooms with single beds with 1 queen bed for sharing or couples. We will be staying at the Dunsmuir House in Dunsmuir. Dinner will be in town and will be less than $20 per person. Here are additional cost for what we are doing. To be paid there, if you so chose to join. Native American sweat lodge is 20 to $25 donation Stewart Mineral Springs baths are $35 if you pay in cash or a credit card there The Christ Consciousness device is $30 cash The pyramid is $25 cash The Tentative Retreat Schedule Friday May 24 8:00 Leave Sacramento 12:00 Stewart Mineral Springs - www.stewartmineralsprings.com Mineral bath and natural wood sauna, with a refreshing dip in the creek if you wish. This is a very spiritual purification process and a fantastic way to begin our retreat. 3:00 Check in 5:00 Mt. Shasta Pyramid for 1 hour Meditation – www.twinsong.us 7:00 Dinner 9:00 Spiritual Check in with Reiki Attunement to Open you up to receive more life force energy (this is optional). It is just a good way to begin and allow. Table/Chair Healings Saturday May 25 7:00 Morning walk or drive to Hedge Falls 1.5 Miles 9:00 Meditation and working in the upper chakras to prepare for Manifestation 10:00 Creating and Manifestation Workshop. Clearing your space to allow in more. Working in your timeline to remove joy and love blocks. Co-Creating with spirit. 12:00 Native American Sweat lodge in Weed at 1:00 pm (This is optional based upon who is interested) 3:00-5:00 Lunch and Renewal 5:00 How to Hear your guides Workshop. Automatic Writing and Listening. Hearing and understanding your guides, now that the blocks have been removed. How to articulate what they are telling you and why. 7:00 Dinner 9:00 Spiritual Check in Optional Mediation/Table Healings/Drumming on the mountain Sunday May 26 8:30 Morning Meditation Clearing out what is left in your space and Final Attunement 11:00 Check out you are free to leave OR 12:00 Options – Christ Consciousness Device, Peace Garden Ascension Rock, Upper/Lower McCloud Falls/ Shopping If you are interested you can register on my website at www.spiritualenergyhealingguide.com by clicking on the Book an Appointment button or via paypal to [masked]. I prefer Paypal as it has no fees, but either way is fine. Include your email address when you sign up and I will send you a confirmation of payment and the final schedule. Thank you.

Exploring and Beginning Meditation 101

Andrea's Reiki Studio

• What we'll do Lets get together and explore medation from a simple relaxing idea. We will explore the chakras, our aura and our energy together to find out why most times we cannot relax our mind. Come join us for a fun filled relaxing journey to finding out how to actually sit and calm your mind body and spirit so that you can begin to be still and know. This class is suggested for any beginnner who is ready to take the leap of stillness in any way possible. Come join in and see what we can all learn together about meeting our soul silence space while keeping our body at peace. This class will is given as a useful tool to those who have questions about meditation and energy in general. We will discuss breathe work, movement, Reiki as a tool for assisting in meditation for those who have Reiki and use it regularly. We welcome anyone interested in learning and sharing their experience with meditation and or energy work. We look forward to seeing you. $25 workshop fee • What to bring Comfortable clothing • Important to know

Reiki Level I Practitioner Training

Andrea's Reiki Studio

Reiki Level I Practitioner Training offers new skills in energetic hands-on healing for yourself and others. This training allows you to begin to open up your spiritual eyes and begin to allow you to recognize and begin working with the life force energy that is around and through everything in the universe. The Reiki energy is passed from teacher to student through a sacred process of Reiki Attunement which opens the student up to allow the life force energy to begin flowing and engaging with all that is. This first degree class includes: *The history of Reiki and the Reiki principles * How Reiki works * Chakra and energy field scanning and balancing * Understanding body-mind connections * Practice Sessions to build self-confidence * Building trust in the Power of energy * Level I Reiki symbol and 4 Reiki Level I Attunements This is a very powerful class and I am so excited for you to experience Reiki at this level. We will also have much discussion about the Reiki process and the usage of Reiki to assist with self-discovery and so much more. The cost for this class is $150.

Beginning Energy 101 – Grounding and Protecting your Energy

• What we'll do Come join in the fun an Educate yourself on How to Ground and Protect your Energy I have had so many students and clients with the same concerns, that I cannot ignore the problem any longer. We need to know how to not allow others to overtake our energy space. Period! I did my best to pinpoint the 4 most basic concerns that I have heard so far, and I am always open to new topics. As a teacher, I am in tune to listen and to assist problems that come up, especially if it is happening to more than 5 people. The 4 main basic problems that are currently at issue are: What is Energy? How does it affect me? How do I ground my energy? How do I protect my energy? Lets all get together for a 2.5 hour session, where you can quickly learn some helpful tips, helpful processes, techniques, that I use specifically to not allow others to overtake my energy space. I will also be including a couple of exercises that I channeled from our Blessed Mother Mary. I channeled them a few years back, but now I know it is the time to share with you. There will be lots of time for questions and answers and even some energy healing if you wish. $25 fee • What to bring • Important to know

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Reiki Level I Practitioner Training

Andrea's Reiki Studio

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