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This Meetup of Healers has many gifts to share and offer. We hold Reiki Circles, Spiritual Medium Circles, Spiritual Workshops, Healing Message Circles with our Guides, Meditations and so much more. We come together with the idea of all beings are gifted healers and sharing our gifts and messages is what we most enjoy. Since we are all students in this realm, we are all able to connect, learn and enjoy life with some joy, fun and a ton of laughter. We have spiritual adventures to Mt. Shasta together where we also enjoy the healing mountain and it’s many gifts.

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Reiki Level I Practitioner Training

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Reiki Level I Practitioner Training offers new skills in energetic hands-on healing for yourself and others. This training allows you to begin to open up your spiritual eyes and begin to allow you to recognize and begin working with the life force energy that is around and through everything in the universe. The Reiki energy is passed from teacher to student through a sacred process of Reiki Attunement which opens the student up to allow the life force energy to begin flowing and engaging with all that is. This first degree class includes: *The history of Reiki and the Reiki principles * How Reiki works * Chakra and energy field scanning and balancing * Understanding body-mind connections * Practice Sessions to build self-confidence * Building trust in the Power of energy * Level I Reiki symbol and 4 Reiki Level I Attunements This is a very powerful class and I am so excited for you to experience Reiki at this level. We will also have much discussion about the Reiki process and the usage of Reiki to assist with self-discovery and so much more. The cost for this class is $150. Feel free to message me with any questions.

Reiki Sharing

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Our group of Reiki Teachers and Practitioners meet on the first Tuesday of each month for a Reiki Share. We invite anyone who is interested in learning about Reiki to come and experience Reiki on a personal as well as spiritual level. $10 Donation

Reiki for Self Care and Manifestation

Andrea's Reiki Studio

Reiki Self Healing Class Reiki for Self-Healing and Manifesting Health Learn how to Self-Heal using Reiki Many people associate Reiki with having to touch other people or having someone else touching you. I have created this class for those who wish only to practice their own self-healing and their own self manifesting.. In a structured class setting you will become attuned to the Reiki Energy. You will be given tools to begin your own healing practice. This class will only focus on the practice of your own health, your own healing and your own magnificence. Reiki is a wonderful tool for assisting you in creating a new foundation of health and wellness in your life. If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, overeating, addiction, physical or emotional pain, self-healing treatments using reiki can help begin your healing process and find the root causes of these manufactured illnesses and allow you to begin to heal. Reiki self-treatments allow you to take full and complete responsibility for your own care and health. It allows you to be in complete control of your own healing space. You won’t have to rely on anyone else to tell you how to manifest your health. You will begin to form a new relationship with yourself on levels you have not had before and you will begin to trust in yourself and gain intuition for your life. We are taught in Reiki to live by principles. Principles that allow you to slow down, relax, take it easy and live and create a healing space of your own sanctuary. Not allowing others to take away your peace, glory or your joy. Really learning how to care for yourself and loving it. As you begin to incorporate these Reiki principles in your life along with the Reiki self-healing and self-care, your outlook on life begins to change. Your mental, physical and spiritual body begins to change as you create a new sort of fortress of love for yourself and creating your own power to heal and enjoy your life to the fullest. Reiki self-healing assists you in finding your own power as well as helps you to gain a higher or universal power or sight that is prevalent in each and every one of us and in each and every living thing. It is almost a reawakening of the soul. In the universe, all things vibrate, plants vibrate, animals vibrate and the universe vibrates. Reiki allows you to level up to this universal vibration and begin to see the world with a new pair of glasses. Reiki allows you to remember your magnificence and to become further aligned with yourself, the universe and others. Join us and find your universal vibration and your universal sight and your God given right to help heal yourself. Only you can make the change. 3-hour class $100

Mt. Shasta Weekend Adventure - 2 Nights

Mt. Shasta

This Weekend Trip will be a Friday and Saturday Overnight and Sunday Afternoon Accommodations will be pre-arranged. We like to stay at the KOA they have wonderful cabins and its reasonable. I have designed these trips to be as transformational as possible for each of you. Each adventure includes a personal reading as well as a special healing and attunement designed especially for you. Each special healing will be based on what your guides as well as your higher self suggest. I am not in the equation, I am just the conduit. My hope for each person after each of these adventures is that will become closer to your self within your soul space and have allowed the universal flow to begin and resonate well within that space. I wish each trip to be life changing. TRIP DETAILS: (Times may vary due to scheduling at the various places we are attending as the sweat lodge is at 1:00 Saturdays in the Spring time) Friday Schedule: -8:00 am - Departure from Sacramento -12:00 pm Arrival to Mt. Shasta/Lunch -1:30 pm Check into KOA -2:30 pm Meditation, Grounding and Spiritual Readings on the Mountain We will take a spiritual trek to the mountain where we will kick off our magnificent weekend with pyramid meditations, chanting, clearing our core voice and calling to our tribe. You will receive a spiritual attunement to help you align with the mountain space as well as open you up to further hearing your guides and the guides of the mountain. There are many! You will also receive a spiritual reading for this adventure. Because each moment is different these particular readings will encompass only our trip here. There is sometimes an emotional as well as spiritual cleansing that is needed to take place to allow you into the so called "comforts of home". Each reading will be only specific to your needs at this particular time in your life. -7:00 pm Dinner -8:30 Campfire/Healings Saturday Schedule: -7:30 am- 8:15 am Meditation/Morning Stretch -8:30 am - Breakfast -10:00 am Mt. Shasta Pyramid Meditation Session Enjoy a 1 hour Meditation Session within the Mt. Shasta Pyramid where the spiritual guide Isis performs healings and cleansings and allows for specific detailed freedom too open and evolve your space. This session will leave you clear as a crystal. -11:00 pm -1:00 pm Christ Consciousness Device (The time depends on how many wish to choose this option) Enjoy a 30 minute spiritual private spiritual session within the Christ Consciousness Device. The 12 Angels of the angelic realm will assist you in clearing off your 7 layers of self. As each layer of your aura is cleared, the corresponding chakra is cleared as well. As this is taking place, you are sitting and viewing Mt. Shasta and feeling her sacredness as well. This spiritual session leaves you feeling magnificent. -1:00 pm- 4:30 pm Lunch at Upper/Lower McCloud Falls Well take a trip to the Upper/Lower McCloud Falls for a light lunch and some drumming, walking, meditation and healing. The energy and the sounds of these waterfalls is so soothing yet powerful and so spiritually charged, you can actually feel the native American energy in this area. The awareness feel as you walk up and begin listening to mother earth speak her own natural language. The plants, the trees, the birds, the butterflies even the bees speak to you at this sacred place. Sit in the sacredness and allow mother earth to cleanse and take charge of your healing for this weekend. As soon as you begin your prayer of allowing her to heal you and your past, the tears will begin flowing. I promise. The sacredness of this place will get you ready and attuned for the sweat lodge. -5:00 -Sweat Lodge at Stewart Mineral Springs -7:30 pm -Dinner -8:30 -Campfire/Healings/Attunements or Travel to Mountain for same, but no fire use battery candles Sleep at some point :) Sunday Schedule -7:30 am- 8:15 am Meditation/Morning Stretch -8:30 am - Breakfast -9:45 am Depart for Stewart Mineral Springs -10:00 am - 12:00 pm -1.5 hours in the baths -12:00 pm -Lunch Conclusion: Shopping in Shasta Trip to the Mountain or Home

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