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We'll take a different approach to author/illustrator communities. We'll focus more on mindset and support rather than egos and gatekeeping. Particular focus on #kidlit and #nonfiction works, but all are welcome. Note that most events require advanced registration.

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4 Steps Authors Must Take to Power Up Their Impact and Stability.

Authors, this is the new reality: We, as Creatives, need to reach beyond ourselves if we want to be successful both in financial stability and world-changing impact. Online event; attend from anywhere.

We're talking to Creatives who have a burning desire to get their message to the world but are overwhelmed by all the odd or discordant advice out there.

We're ready for you if you have a message to get out to the world, even it seems that everything else has failed so far.

We're talking to YOU if you are a newbie author (you found us in time), or an experienced author who has books that aren't having the impact they've dreamed of. Keep reading ↓

"But what if I'm an Introvert?"

Now, if your goal as an author is to work in the background, we know this "reach out" statement might create a bit of tension for you. We get it.

We've written a number of books and this new truth of OUTREACH can't be understated. It's only in the outreach and engagement that we've made money with our books.

Some authors have the old dream of writing for those life-changing nonfiction or kidlit books. After writing, it was a dream of waiting back for the next offer and royalty checks to come in. Listen, that dream is never going to happen. The world is different.

Once upon a time, this "walled-garden" dream was being sold to authors by a monopoly of a few gatekeeping publishers or author groups. Few authors out of hundreds of thousands achieved that dream. Ever.

Today, authors need to be engaged with their audience, teaching, coaching, leading, and reaching out.

"Wait," they say, "how we are supposed to do THAT?"

Authors (Speakers, Healers, Teachers) need to be the high-voltage leaders (yes, we teach this to introverts) and channel the power and electricity of engagement to waiting fans, families, and readers.

Some of the Big Progress Blocks

If that feels overwhelming, we can help, so hang on a moment and keep reading. What if you could be taught:

How to overcome imposter syndrome.
​The 4 steps to stability and growth.
What exactly to do RIGHT NOW to start getting clients ASAP.
How to get past your overwhelm, resistance, and blocks.

Authors, we urge you to embrace being the expert you are. Creatives of all types, engage with those who NEED your books, expertise, and desire to help and transform.

Another Secret

Here's a bit of a best-kept secret of modern publishing. You need to do these things we've listed before you write your book. "These things" include building a platform. Maybe you know what platform means or maybe you don't but it is the ONE THING that many publishers INSIST on you having and that is at least as good as your messaging or writing.

It's a daunting task, but less so with great coaching and training. It's time for you to shift the paradigm (cliche but true) and spread your expertise the way MODERN authors do.

Are you an Author? YOU know you COULD share...wait, that should be: you MUST share.

Starving Artist Is a Choice.
In our free masterclass, "Four Secrets Authors and Creatives Are Using Right Now To Achieve Financial Stability and Have More Impact," we'll walk you through the first take-action step, teaching you how to start to build a hungry platform which you expertly engage and serve while no longer being a "starving artist."

Joins us for a fun, live, no-pressure hour in our masterclass webinar and we'll help you see a new path to success as an author. Fix your mind first and then the stability and impact follow.

We're here with the community, support, and help you need. Register right now and begin your new path to success as an author, speaker, healer, and teacher

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