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West SF Valley Jazz Jam
NOTE: Drum chair is already filled on this one. This jam session is for musicians who want to practice playing jazz standards. I play bass, and the rest of the instrumentation varies from week to week depending on who signs up. To make sure everyone has a good time and never has to wait around for a chance to play, I have to limit attendance. I can't guarantee a slot for everyone every week, but if you don't get in on the week you want, I'll reserve the next available slot for you. • Max 2 pianos, 2 guitars, 1 drummer, 1 percussion, 4 horns. If more than that sign up, I will put them on the waitlist. (Singers, accordions, mandolins, violins, ukes, etc., count as a horn.) • If you miss a session because you are waitlisted, I will be happy to pre-RSVP you for the next available session before it's publicly posted, so you will be guaranteed a spot. • If you need to cancel on an RSVP, please cancel immediately through the website. This will give others a chance to play. • IMPORTANT! If you do not show up and did not cancel your RSVP with at least 4 hours notice, you're wasting a space that someone else would probably like to fill. Please don't do this. I understand if you need to cancel at the last minute on occasion, but habitual no-shows will have to be removed from the list. WHO'S THIS FOR? The only requirement to join us is that you are familiar with the basics of jazz and can get through simple cycle-of-fifths and blues tunes. If you own a Real Book and can play a few tunes out of it, you'll do fine. We'll have some easy, slow tunes and probably some hard and fast ones, too. Call whatever tune you want at whatever tempo you like, as long as it's jazz! It helps if you know the melodies for the tunes you want to call. A few tunes we often play: All Blues, Autumn Leaves, Blue Bossa, Blue Monk, Desafinado, Footprints, Girl from Ipanema, My Funny Valentine, Nostalgia in Times Square, Oleo, Rhythm-a-Ning, Satin Doll, Stella by Starlight, Take Five, etc. Please bring a Real Book in your instrument's key, or a phone or tablet with iRealPro. I do have a few spares but I can't guarantee I'll have the book you need. If you have a piece of music you want to play that's not in Real Book 1 or 2, please bring copies for everybody. A FEW NOTES: EVERYBODY: I have music stands, chairs, etc. VOCALISTS: I have a PA system and microphones, so you're good to go. KEYBOARDISTS: I have two digital pianos and a Hammond M3 organ, or bring your own keyboard if you prefer. I have a PA system you can play through, or you can bring an amp. DRUMMERS: I have a small kit. I do have cymbals, but you will probably want to bring your own, and if you want you can bring your own snare, stool, etc. I also have a conga, bongos, shakers, etc. GUITARISTS: I have a small amp, but encourage you to bring your own. Acoustic players can use a microphone or pickup and play through the PA if they wish.

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    Let's get together for straightahead jazz jam sessions. Run through standards, practice comping, soloing, etc. No lines of people waiting to play. Anyone is welcome, as long as you can at least get through a blues and maybe some cycle of fifths tunes. You can call any tune you want if you have music for it and know the melody (or can talk someone else into playing it).

    A few important points:
    1. Please RSVP through the site so I can keep track of who's coming and what instruments we have.
    2. Please bring a Real Book in the key of your instrument.
    3. I have a digital piano, an electronic keyboard, a full drum kit, a small P.A., and music stands.

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