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Welcome to the West Virginia Photography Workshops. Where the photo workshops are custom built around you. To come out for a great day of having fun, making friends or addressing any of your photographic needs.

The idea of a West Virginia Photography Workshop came to me 25 years ago after taking a lot of workshops around the country myself, and being very disapointed in what I learned. Which was very little, no one every specifically asked me what I needed, so the photographers just taught how they shot, and said go shoot.

Well the last time that happened to me at the Cape May Photo Workshops in Cape May, NJ I decided that some day I am going to start my own workshops and give my students their moneys worth.

Once you sign up you will receive a questionnaire, and I would like to view your current photos, so I can get to know you. Then we will have a phone conversation to get to know each other, and discuss in detail your photographic needs.

Just not take a picture, but to create and capture emotion to evoke emotion.

Doug Miller


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