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This group is for folks living anywhere who wish to know more about the storied past of Greenwich Village and are interested in partaking of its present vibrant offerings.

Greenwich Village is best known as a haven for bohemian lifestyles. It was called home by many now famous artists, authors, poets, singers and songwriters. It was a nexus for the beat generation of the 50's and the folk-song movement of the 60's. It has been at the forefront of every political liberation movement of the past generation, including nuclear non-proliferation ('Ban-the-Bomb'), the Civil Rights struggle, the anti-war movement of the Vietnam era, Women's Liberation, the Stonewall Uprising and even the Mental Patients Liberation Front... to name just a few. Villagers proudly supported the Abraham Lincoln Brigade fighting fascism during the Spanish Civil War, and were a bastion of support for the Civil Rights struggle in this country. We have been on the right side of history even during the Civil War when New York City was not friendly to abolitionist sentiment.

Although now largely gentrified and relegated to more affluent residents, there are still pockets of old-timers who remember and cherish this history when GV was a working class neighborhood with a bohemian vibe. There are still remnants of the once flourishing arts community, and the politics of the Village remain aligned with solidly progressive values.

I expect to post events that embrace all the Village has to offer: fine food and drinks of course, but also events that reflect our unique cultural heritage: Jazz, avant-garde theater, dance, song and poetry, as well as political events. I would be most grateful for input from any of our members about any events or venues of interest. Shoot me an email through Meetup, or just post it up on the site and we'll see who responds.

A 'bon vivant' lives the good life by seeking enrichment through many channels, not least of all the companionship and bonhomie of neighbors!

Peace, Justice and Freedom...

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