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Fellow writers, Our next Critique Session will be held on Friday, December 14th at 7:00 PM. The final selection of pieces will be determined by Thursday, December 6th at 10:00 PM (EST). Basic Ground Rules/FAQs for every session (PLEASE READ IN FULL): • The official critique activity will start promptly at 7:00 PM. Our group has the room from 6:30 PM on if people want to talk about writing or just socialize before the formal discussion. Staying past 8 PM is usually not a problem, but we will try to maintain the schedule (with time equally allocated to each submission). • We request that you read the works ahead of time, mark them up, and come prepared to give your comments. The pieces to be reviewed will be announced in advance and available in the group's Dropbox area (see "Dropbox Access" below). • Works submitted for review must be uploaded to the group’s Dropbox area. Up to three submissions will be selected for critique at each session. Priority will be given in the following order: (1) to authors who have recently critiqued the work of others when their own work was not under review (2) to authors who have not presented recently (3) after that, on a first come, first served basis • Please try to limit submission length to the equivalent of ten double-spaced pages; PAGE NUMBERS ARE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. • Please submit work in either PDF, .doc, or .docx format. • Submission of a work is not a requirement for attendance; please feel free to come and participate in the discussion or merely observe. Also, the viability of this group depends on the willingness of participants to critique the work of others, even if their own work is not under discussion at a given session. • When offering feedback: (1) Please be constructive and respectful at all times, both in verbal and written comments. Presenting one's work to a group can be intimidating; our goal is to provide frank and candid, but supportive critiques, to help everyone improve their skills. Disrespectful and/or dismissive criticism is contrary to our goals and values and will not be tolerated. (2) It is helpful to provide a hard copy or digital version of your comments to the author in addition to verbal feedback. (3) Please keep verbal commentary reasonably brief so as to allow all participants to comment on the pieces. (4) To make the best possible use of our limited time, please help to keep the discussion focused on the text being reviewed, and on issues of substance (themes, character development, tone, word choice, etc.) rather than typos, punctuation, or other minutiae. • WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REJECT SUBMISSIONS THAT ARE NOT ADEQUATELY PROOFREAD Dropbox Access: Submitting/downloading documents for review requires access to the group's Dropbox folder. Send a request to [masked] and identify yourself as a member; you will receive an invitation. At that point you may create a Dropbox account, if you don’t already have one. Note: You only need to request and be granted access once. WARNING: In Dropbox team folders, it is possible, unfortunately, to delete files uploaded by other users, perhaps by accident. Requests: (1) Please try not to do this. (2) Be prepared to upload a new copy of your submission should it get deleted for any reason. Regards, Gus and Ashley P.S. As always, thanks to Tatnuck Bookseller ( for providing our meeting space. Please show your appreciation by supporting them with your business.

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    We are writers who are passionate about cultivating our craft, helping others do the same, and ultimately getting our work published. Our group specializes in candid but supportive critique in highly interactive sessions roughly every other week.

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