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What we’re about

The purpose and mission of the Westchester Psychedelics Society group is to be a safe place where people can learn about the healing power of psychedelic plant medicine. This group is intended to provide information, learning, sharing and celebrating the healing that Pachamama (Mother Earth) provides to us as sentient beings.
If you are interested in learning about healing through the mindful use of psychedelics, this group is for you. If you are intrigued about the wave of information that is coming around the mindful use of psychedelics, this group is for you. Whether you ever want or intend to use a psychedelic medicine in order to heal and still want to hear about other people's healing journey, this group is for you.

NOTE!! - If you are coming to this meet up hoping to purchase, use, or exchange psychedelic plant medicine - this group is NOT for you. Any on-site distribution, use or sharing of psychedelic medicine is punishable by our current laws and will not be tolerated at any of these information sessions.

At these events, we will hear stories of personal journeys with the mindful use of plant medicine. We will learn about where the wave of plant medicines are as it relates to the anticipated nationwide decriminalization of these healing substances. We will laugh and hang and connect to like minded people who are looking for more ways to heal themselves.