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Welcome to our Spirituality Group! We have been in existence since September 2020. Our format includes a 20 minute small church service with includes some prayer, meditation and talk time. a 30 minute discussion follows. Please email me for a ZOOM Link at chrisdigiorgio1@gmail.com

New Thought is a spiritual movement that emerged in the second half of the 19th century as the result of the confluence of three great spiritual traditions, each of which seem to speak to human beings in a distinct, unique way.

A development of Greek philosophy known as Metaphysics, which originated with Plato, has evolved into a philosophical construct known as Mind-Idea-Expression, and is a head-centered spiritual path that speaks to human reason and intellect.
Christian Mysticism, which originated in the Judeo-Christian tradition, was perfected by Jesus and speaks specifically to the subconscious parts of the human soul, which we recognize as a heart-centered spirituality.
Mind-cure, which originated with the early discoveries of Mesmer and Quimby, has evolved into what we know today as the mind-body connection and speaks to the needs of the body, restoring life and health.
(from Website truthunity.net)

New Thought def. A spirituality with a belief system of Oneness, Flow and Manifestation and articulated by the construct of Mind-Idea-Expression, that addresses the needs of the head, heart and body and is based on the rich traditions of western philosophy, the teachings of Jesus and our understanding of the mind-body connection. (truthunity.net)


Rev. Chris DiGiorgio

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