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The Westchester Autism and Asperger's Group (TWAAAG) is available as a support group and education and resource center for all parents, families, relatives, friends, caregivers, professionals and most importantly, for people who live with Autism or Asperger's in Westchester County, New York and surrounding areas.

All are welcome, accepted and appreciated for who they are in a non-judgmental, safe, encouraging and nurturing atmosphere. All are equals among us as no one person has all of the answers and we all contribute and help each other with respect and regard.

Ages range from toddlers to seniors and we offer programs and workshops for all. We are a group of people affected directly by Autism and Asperger's, but are open to all with any special needs.

We are proud to say that we are a close, friendly and respectful group of people that get together on a regular basis just to have fun together, go to workshops and seminars, meet for a cup of coffee as well as anything else. We post meetings and community events as we find them and we are not geared towards any specific age range.

Membership is currently free. We currently do not offer an option to chip in to support our group at this time.

As there are so many people in this world directly affected by Autism and Asperger's, everyone has something to offer to the group. Therefore, all members, will automatically become Co-Organizers of this group; we all have something terrific to share with everyone!

Feel free to post on the message board any topic relevant to the group, anything that you have a question, comment, tip or advice about, any meetup event that you want to attend, a last minute outing that you find yourself going on and want company for, etc. This group is here to offer support and information to each and every member! We do not judge anyone and respect each and every individual for who they are and what they have to offer the world. You can feel safe expressing yourself amongst us.

Presenters are always encouraged to contact us with information about the type of presentation you offer. Please note that when you send a message through "Contact" every member of our group receives your message as we are all Co-Organizers together.

Take a look around and we look forward to meeting you soon!

Profound Quote - Author Unknown

"There is no sound more terrible than the silent, inward cry of a child who is lost and does not know in his terror which way to turn or where and how to be comforted."

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