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This Meetup is intended to serve practitioners (and those who want to be) of both Agile and Lean in the western suburbs of the Chicago area. We'd like to move the venue around to different company locations in the western suburbs to give folks a chance to highlight their successes and challenges along their Agile journey, and use our meetings to share what works and what hasn't so that we can grow through sharing. We will typically meet in mid afternoon on weekdays and spend 2 - 3 hours doing things like tours of where our teams work, hearing presentations, conducting Open Space, and in general having fun while experimenting with new ideas and practices.

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Agile Team Composition: Challenges to forming high-performing teams

Join us for our July event where we will have seven panels representing 7 companies that are all facing the same challenges as you: how can we form high-performing teams when our team members are geographically dispersed? Or team members are WFH, or are composed of all contractors. Or the team is completely off-shore. The panelists will each speak for 10 minutes and discuss their team member composition challenges, what they have done to overcome these challenges, and which challenges they still have to overcome. We'll open the forum to questions so that everyone attending can participate. Panelists: Jeremy Bower/Ensono Merlin Quintin/Redbox Michael Ortega and Selene Antonini/Insurance Auto Auctions Matt Wissman/HERE Trisha Dorr/Panduit Randy England/Broadcom Doug Roberts/HAVI (there may be others, too!)

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You've Got Agile Teams: So What?

Daugherty Business Solutions

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