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Singles who are actively looking to get together, meet and have fun in a no pressure atmosphere. Ideally from the Western Mass area.

I don't know about anyone else but I am at the point in my life where all of my friends are married or with someone serious which limited the amount of time I could actually "get out there." So I started, honestly as a joke, hosting my own singles events about a year ago thru POF. I did this with two goals. One, to meet someone for a romantic relationship, and two, to meet other single friends. The latter we don't put enough emphasis on how important that can be in our lives.

So I don't want too many rules here, but please keep in mind:

1. This is supposed to be FUN!

2. This is NOT a support group. We all know how much fun dating can be...(sarcasm)...and we all have stories, but this is a step in the right direction. Clean the war wounds and get back out there!

3. I love discussions, suggestions, and chatting so keep it coming.

4. No crude, lewd behavior. Let us all be respectful. Though I promote shenanigans. :)

5. This goes without saying, but be SINGLE.

6. Complaints about members. I take this seriously as well. Though I know being in a singles group emotions can run high so I am pretty fair about this. I always listen to both sides of the story. However some stories do not need two sides. If you are putting peoples safety at risk, needlessly hurting others you will be removed.

I will add more I am sure. I am new at this, please be kind. :)

A note about safety: I hate that we live in a world that I have to mention this but here goes. I am in no way an expert on this but things to keep in mind.

Your name: It comes from FB, if you are ok with posting your last name make sure you have your FB account on lock down. The "I have nothing to hide" is garbage. You have friends and family.

Use the Meet Up/FB app messaging feature and wait to give out your phone number. So much information can be found about you just with your phone number.

Anyone who is "flowery with language" an engineer or in the armed forces, broken English and ridiculously good looking is usually a scammer. Let me know and I will ban them. They will be from here and working in another country and want you to prove your undying affection with good ole cash. Stay in your swim lane, if a hot 10+ lady or man is professing their love for you before you have even met and you are a solid 4, it is probably a scammer from another country. LOL

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Drunken Rabbit With Jon

The Drunken Rabbit

Jon must really like Drunken Rabbit because he has asked to host this event. He must also not like staying out late because he wants it to start at 5:30pm. :) Have a great time folks!!

Buffalo Wild Wings Trivia

Buffalo Wild Wings

There was a time I used to go out and do something crazy the night before Thanksgiving, now I just want a beer and trivia. I know it might not work out for people who have to prep but its a quick evening.

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Lead Foot Brewery

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