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Boardgames are so different from what you may remember. We typically are not talking about the Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley games from your youth, when there were only a relative few games out there. Today's boardgames come in different themes, sizes, durations, components, and objectives. They come from all over the world, too. Our group plays just about all the kinds you may find. Some examples of the types of games we often play are...

Party games like: Codenames, Spyfall, Camel Up, and Dixit.

Euro style games like: Five Tribes, Orleans, Istanbul, Viticulture, and Lords of Waterdeep.

Abstract games like: Qwirkle, Blokus, and Hive.

Card games like: Dominion, Glory to Rome, Diamonds, and Munchkin

Dice games like: Pickomino, Qwixx, and Roll for the Galaxy

Cooperative games like: Pandemic, Forbidden Desert, and Shadows Over Camelot.

Family games like: Carcassonne, Catan, Ticket to Ride, Splendor, Lanterns, and Machi Koro.

American Thematic/Ameritrash games like: Blood Rage, Arkham Horror, and Bootleggers

So our members certainly have diverse tastes in games. And they are diverse people. We welcome folks from all walks of life, and we host the young, middle aged, as well as some of the older folks, but all seem to have a great time when we get together! If you have kids, bring them if you plan on keeping an eye on them. Kids, adults, as long as everyone behaves, we are glad to see all of you!

Our organizers try to be very accommodating to new players. We try to pick and teach games that might be appropriate to your skill level, and that we think you might enjoy. Our goal is to get you enthusiastic about the hobby. We know not everyone loves every game, but I bet we can find at least one game for anyone. We have plenty of games. What we need to make is more gamers.

Also if you are a little apprehensive about coming out and meeting a group of unknown people please don't be. We meet in public places and our game organizers do there best to make everyone feel welcome and get them playing games at their skill and comfort level.

If there is a game that you would like to try out, just RSVP to one of our meetup events and suggest it down in the comments for that event. Chances are that one of us has it in our collection, and we can bring it out with us.

The spaces we utilize tend to have tables that would not be very satisfying to someone who wants to play a Miniatures Game or a Roleplaying Game. We know folks that are for sure interested in playing them; we often just don't have the space. We do have Discussion Forums that can be a place for you to arrange a spot and time to get some of those games played.

There is often no admission to attend our events in public places. We just hope you support the businesses that allow us to use their facilities with your patronage.

RSVPs are very appreciated, and allow us to know to not cancel an event. It is not a big deal if you need to change your RSVP later on, and do drop in last minute if that's how life is working out for you. It just really only takes one person other than the host to say they are certainly in. Hosts would hate to sit there alone with two bags of games like a dope, wouldn't they?

If you have ideas for venues and towns in which to hold an event, please do contact Our Co-organizer or Organizer. We know there are a lot of towns that hope to game, that are missing good events on the map.

Beginning on November 10, 2017, this organization will have events that meet at :

The Giant Eagle Market District at Settlers Ridge in the Robinson/Moon/Airport area every Friday night. Usually, events start at 6PM and go until people are too drowsy or spent to play more games in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

Events held at Nerds, Comics and Cards on Saturdays will occur at 502 Washington Ave, Bridgeville, PA, right off of the Bridgeville exit of Interstate 79. Western PA Gaming is thrilled to be partnered with them in advertising this recurring event. The ownership will determine the times and dates, but it seems that their pattern so far is to hold events monthly on a determined Saturday from 5 PM until 11 PM (or later depending on the mood and benevolence of the ownership).

Occasionally events are hosted by a group who put on BYOB 21+ Game Nights held at the Bridgeville and Western Allegheny Libraries, and other libraries that may cooperate. Those events require a separate registration process accessible through our meetup.com event notification, but usually involve going to the determined Library's website itself to rsvp.

On the Last Sunday of the month, Gamers can get together in the Mon Valley at the King's in Bentleyville, PA, right along Interstate 70 between Belle Vernon and Washington. Usually, the events start at 2 PM and go until 8 or 9PM in the evening.

Additional events are always a possibility, All that needs to happen is an event host or assistant organizer brings their idea for the time and the public venue to us. If that person is willing to be there for the duration, or arrange for other WPAG organizers to cover the gaps, you have a very good chance of getting a green light from us.

Take a look at our Pages tab above to find a Link to our directory of Game collections and BoardGameGeek.com profiles.

Organizer; Russell Griffin (Russ)

Co-Organizer: Andy Welsbacher ('ol Redbeard)

Co-Organizer: Rick Mullaney

Co-Organizer: Jay Mack

Co-Organizer: Scott Schafer

Co-Organizer: Brian Winkleblech

Upcoming events (5+)

STGA Game Night - Scottdale Public Library

Location visible to members

The Scottdale Tabletop Game Association (STGA) meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at the Scottdale Public Library for a night of tabletop gaming. We’ll have a good selection of games available, but feel free to bring games too. We stick to games that can be concluded in an evening as opposed to games that are ongoing. We play in the library community room and usually get the games started around 6:30 pm. The library closes at 7:00, so players arriving before then can enter through the main entrance. Players arriving after 7:00 can enter through the side entrance toward the gazebo. Light refreshments will be provided. Everyone is welcome/encouraged to attend regardless of experience. We’re more than happy to introduce players to new games. The only thing that the library is asking is that anyone under 18 years of age be accompanied by an adult family member. Please contact me (Robert Miedel) with any questions or concerns. We look forward to gaming with you!

Nether Void Games

Nether Void Games

Weekly event at Nether Void Games.

Midweek Gaming at Top Deck

Top Deck Cards and Games LLC

The first event at this new venue. This shop has plenty of space. I personally recommend NOT relying on the food options in the plaza. Come by and lets play a game

Market District Nights!

Giant Eagle Market District

Hello Western PA Gamers! Market District has a nice variety of hot food, snacks, Starbucks, beer, and wine available until 10:00 PM. The management has generously allowed us to use the Cafe' all night with the following provision... No alcohol in the Café’ area after the bar closes after 10:00 PM! So, no open glasses nor visible six-packs. In fact, I would recommend taking any unopened bottles of beer or wine to your car after 10:00 so as not to endanger Market District’s liquor license. We have a great relationship with them and I don't want to endanger that! Market District might not be the perfect gaming venue but it has food, alcohol, coffee, snacks, decent tables, and adequate lighting. Plus, it is open 24 hours and good luck trying to find all of that at the price we pay! It is first come, first serve on the seating, but as members begin arriving, we can throw some games on the larger tables to reserve them. The venue probably has over twenty tables and the room can comfortably hold over 60 people. It does get a little crowded at dinner time, but it thins out after 7:00 or so, and is pretty much empty of other non-gaming patrons after 9:00. This is a great centrally located spot where our Airport area players can get to quickly. Seems that the same can be said of the players in the City and to the North of the City. This location is probably only 15-20 minutes from the Fort Pitt tunnel. A little about what we play... Party games like: Codenames, Spyfall, and Dixit. Euro-style games like: Scythe, Five Tribes, Orleans, Puerto Rico, Viticulture, and Lords of Waterdeep. Gateway games like: Ticket to Ride, Splendor, Carcassonne, and Catan. Cooperative games like: Pandemic, Flash Point, and Dead of Winter. Abstract games like: Qwirkle, Blokus, Azul, and Hive. Card games like: Dominion, Glory to Rome, Diamonds, and Muchkin. Those are just a few of the games that can be seen being played at our meetups every week. Our members come in all shapes and sizes, and they span from young to older, but all seem to have a great time when we get together! Our organizers try to be very accommodating to new players and try to pick games appropriate to your skill level and that we think you would enjoy. Our goal is to get you to be enthusiastic about the hobby, and teach you if that is what it takes to get you there. If there is a game that you would like to try out just r.s.v.p. to one of our meetups and suggest it down in the comments. Chances are that one of us has it in our collection, and we can bring it out. Please r.s.v.p. early so we have an idea how many people or coming and what type of games to bring along. You can always cancel your r.s.v.p. if you have a change of plans. Attendance at our events is always free but if you like Western PA Gaming please consider showing your support by making a donation using the Chip In button or donate some unloved games. We do a fundraising event called the 'Dooraffle' at our events that occur on the LAST FRIDAY of the month. We give everyone who attends the event one free ticket, and the winner drawn gets to pick a great game out of the prize bag! Additional tickets are available to increase your odds of winning, and can be purchased for $1.00 each, or ten extra tickets for $5.00. There will always be at least one prize drawn but often 3 or 4. Look through our photo album to see some of the games we have given away and what we play. Look forward to gaming with you.

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Market District Nights!

Giant Eagle Market District

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