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Sea Kayak Safety Day - Pymatuning State Park (rescheduled from June)
Outkast Paddlers of Pittsburgh is sponsoring our 12th annual Safety Day, where we practice wet exits, self-rescues, assisted rescues, towing, and any other sea kayak safety skills. This will happen on Saturday August 18, 2018, at Pymatuning State Park (Jamestown section), in the comfort of a warm-water lake with little to no current or waves. Beginner sea kayakers are welcome, but you must have a proper boat and gear to participate (see below). This is NOT white water kayaking, and not recommended for recreational kayaks, or any boats under 12 feet in length. Kayakers should have their own sea or touring kayak, at least 12 feet in length, and paddling gear to actively participate. Coming up to observe is also an option for recreational kayakers who might be interested in sea kayaking. Some participants may also be willing to lend a sea kayak for a short time. Please note that a sea kayak with either front AND rear bulkheads, OR a rear bulkhead and proper front flotation is necessary - AS WELL AS a spray skirt that is fitted for your kayak. Without bulkheads/flotation and a spray skirt, your boat will not be able to be rescued. A lot of "recreational" kayaks do not have bulkheads or sprayskirts, so they fill up with water and can't be emptied without swimming it to shore. Therefore, we are requiring properly equipped sea/touring kayaks with bulkheads and spray skirts to participate. Expect to get wet. We do this trip in the summer so that the water and air temperature are suitable for wet exits. Wetsuits and hydroskins are ok, and recommended if you get cold quickly while swimming. It's also good to practice wet exits in a variety of your paddling clothing. A PFD IS REQUIRED to be worn at all times or you will not be paddling with us. We will be at the Group Tenting Area, in the PA State Park near the Jamestown campground. Pymatuning is a big place and both Ohio and PA have state parks there. So please know where you are going before you depart. We only have a small spot this year. Camping is an option if you arrange with an Outkast member in advance. There's a link below to a map with our area circled in RED. The instruction happens from 9:00am-4:00pm on Saturday June 23. Please arrive by 8:30am and stage your boat and gear, so that you're ready to go by 9:00am. We will also have a pot luck dinner on Saturday evening, as well as a gear swap/sell. You can bring a dish or contribute towards pizza. If you wish to participate in either the potluck or gearswap, please contact Carol Thomas directly at (carolhascats at gmail dot com) and put "safety day" in the subject. There will be a nominal fee for participants (based on numbers, not to exceed $10) to cover the cost of the launching area, so bring some cash. $20 if you camp. Restrooms are on site. This event is being hosted by a loose group of avid sea kayakers called the Outkast Paddlers of Pittsburgh. There are no by-laws, leaders, organization or insurance, so all liability remains with each paddler, for legal purposes. And if we don't know you, we'll probably ask you to sign a waiver. But we've been running this event for about 11 years now, and haven't lost anyone yet (that we know of...). Please contact Eric Rodger (erodger99 at gmail) for questions.

Pymatuning State Park (PA)

Group Tenting Area · Jamestown, PA

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