What we're about

Want to go out to meet people your age? Want to have mid-career, mid-life, end of career, phase 2, what is next conversations more often when you go out vs. everyone you meet talking about the beginning of their careers, lives, trials and tribulations (as fun as it was when you were their age)? This meetup is for 40+ year olds in Western Queens who are looking to socialize with people more in their own phase/s of life.

You'll be able to meet your neighbors in our wonderful Astoria, LIC, Sunnyside, Woodside, Jackson Heights, Corona, Rego Park and Forest Hills - NW or 7/R/E/F people. We will meet in bars, restaurants, or at other events in the various neighborhoods monthly, and we won't have you hike across town (or a bridge or tunnel) to do it (at least not often)! We will try to balance the events between after work and weekend late afternoons and evenings so everyone has the ability to attend regardless of work and other schedules. There will be a definite emphasis on good food and/or good drinks, and the occasional dinner!

We will be happy to have other organizers to plan events as well, particularly those who consider themselves experts in their respective neighborhoods or aspects of their neighborhoods. Also, if you are under 40, we are happy you attend, but know the majority of the group will be over 40. The group is to have fun, entertain or be entertained! So only interesting, go forward, what is next, and where do we go from here conversations....as well as any good jokes. No looking back, only forward! Please post a photo in order to be approved as a member (we need to know you are a real person for safety reasons) and then you can happily change it back once you are approved. There will be a $2 fee at arrival at events to help cover meetup fees (we most likely won't but we will try) unless a dinner or wine tasting that requires payment ahead of time to confirm attendance.

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