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What we’re about

You can find science fiction and fantasy all over the big screens and small. But books are where SFF started and that is where you find the broadest range of narrative styles, storylines, and ideas. And while reading a book your imagination will take you to worlds that not even the best CGI could top.

Our goal is to seek out the most compelling, discussion-provoking science-fiction (and occasionally, fantasy) novels and gather together to chat about them. Our members are diverse in their age and interests. Some are new to the genre and otheres have been reading SFF for decades. A willingness to read and discuss with an open mind is all that's required.

We have our discussions on the third Thursday of the month. COVID forced us online and that format has worked well for us. In 2024 we hope to occasionally return to our roots and meet in a restaurant in the western suburbs of Chicago to discuss books over dinner.

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