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Welcome to Western Sydney Activity Group, the biggest social group at the base of the mountains!!! (facebook details down the bottom)

At over 1000 members strong, we enjoy diversity and new members.

Founded by Mark, the group was started two years ago (2013) for anyone in the Western Sydney area who was interested in meeting new people.

With over 900 events under our belt, we’re one of the most active groups in the area, both in how many events we have on and what we do!

Focused primarily on outdoor adventures and activities from abseiling, motor or mountain bike riding, canyoning to BBQ fun days and movie nights, we encourage our members to come along and meet new people while getting out and about in nature and in good company.

We also occasionally have more laid back and family friendly events, picture laser tag , bowling and flipout....a place for kids and adults to play together.

If you enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer, have always wanted to try canyoning or abseiling but didn’t have anyone to go with, or maybe even you just want to get outside and have some fun with a great bunch of people, then this group is for you.

If you have any suggestions on events or an idea on something you might like to try, feel free to contact our hosts, or even suggest an event yourself.


Once you join, Please click on the 'pages' link to review our codes of conduct, and any other information we have there to help you get familiar with the group, and help protect your privacy.

We also have a facebook page/group strictly for members of this group. Please feel free to join it and rest assured that your privacy settings in facebook will remain the same to anyone in the group who is not on your friends list.

Mark (feel free to add me on facebook by clicking here ) (https://www.facebook.com/CJunk351)

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2 Blondes Cafe

What a fantastic adventure as we proceed along tracks thickly ladened with ferns, traverse at least a dozen creek crossings, several foot bridges, explore numerous waterfalls and cascades, pass under extensive rock ledges, check out a few caves, all while trying to avoid leeches and keep our feet reasonably dry. We start our journey with a scamper down the dark and somewhat mysterious Sassafras Gully on our way to Perch Ponds for a break and a scrounge around, then onto Martin Falls, Blue Pool, Magdala Falls before we head back following the beautiful Magdala Creek through the picturesque fern covered Magdala Gully to Springwood allowing for a rest stop at Fairy Dell Reserve. About 10 kilometres and four hours on the hoof, bit more if your feeling like a tourist. An interesting descent through Sassafras Gully with a gentle and not to strenuous ascent of Magdala Gully along the Creek. Give us a buzz if you can't put the pieces together at[masked]


The Bunker Cafe Bar Restaurant

The Bunker Cafe, great coffee and delicious food, just what we need to kick start our day. When we finally finish eating we had better buy some more to enjoy at lunchtime overlooking the Grose River. Hope you brought your camera along because we are about to embark upon the Blue Gum Swamp Trail, you guessed it, plenty of beautiful tall Blue Gums,(no swamp) simply fantastic in an amazing pristine location. The full loop,(with surprise) including lunch at a look-out above the Grose River is 14 kilometres and should take a maximum of 5 hours including lunch break, rest stops and time for exploring and photography. You can always take the shorter 9 klm loop back if you have had enough but the full walk is rewarding if you can conquer Bee's Nest Hill (note hill) to the lookout, besides you can always rest up tomorrow with a sickie. In summary, a walk with a challenging surprise (Bee's Nest Hill, a steep and gravelly climb to lookout for lunch) other than that just relax and enjoy the amazing Blue Gums with friends and new acquaintances. What to bring; water, food, hat, sunblock, footwear with good traction and anything else I've forgotten Ring me on[masked] if your not to sure about the leader. P. S. This walk is in conjunction with Parra- Matters-Most-For-Walkers meet up group. Come one, come all.

Winter Magic Festival returns!


Winter Magic Festival is returning for 2019 Katoomba's winter solstice celebration is returning to Katoomba Street on Saturday 22 June 2019! Instead of putting all our energy into the parade we've opted to fill Katoomba Street with life and energy for the entire day. We can guarantee our audience won't miss out - festival darlings Hands, Heart and Feet, Ghawazi Caravan and Wagana Dancers will present new and exciting work, and we're assembling a fabulous lineup of musicians, artists and street performers. We'll also have carefully curated market and food stalls and the traditional concert and fireworks on the steps of The Carrington Hotel.

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Blacktown City Medieval Fayre 19 May!

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